Making Great Savings on Travel to Mexico

July 08, 2014
Michael Ryan

Traveling in Mexico is fun, but it is even better when you can manage to get good quality services at fair prices. Once within the borders of Mexico you have a variety of choices as far as travel is concerned. You can use rental cars, public transport or even taxis. However, the latter two are not convenient for someone who may wish to penetrate some remote areas of the country the way tourists and people seeking adventure do. For that reason, many visitors prefer to use rental cars.

Rental Car in Mexio

Rental Car in Mexico

Here are some things  you need to know about car rentals in Mexico:

  • If you do the booking a week or so in advance, you have a better chance of getting a comparatively good price.
  • There are Mexican consulates in the US and you can rely on them for accurate information on travel in Mexico.
  • Securing a rental car is smooth for those who are 25yrs old and above.
  • Getting a rental car is also possible and convenient when you have a valid driving license
  • It is easier and faster to get a rental car when you have your valid passport in your possession.
  • It is also easier to secure a rental car when you have a credit card from a reliable institution.
  • If you do not have a credit card, or the one you have cannot help you, you will be called upon to leave very big cash deposit with the rental company.
  • If you so wish, you could rent a car for only one-way, but the cost for that is pretty high compared to normal renting.
  • Considering vehicles are generally very expensive in Mexico, it follows that rental costs are just as high.
  • Cost of renting cars varies depending on the Rental Company; model and age of car; and so on. However, the lowest range of prices includes those of manual cars and those without air conditioning (AC). So depending on the weather and the size of your wallet, you can choose to take a fairly cheap one or a not-so-cheap one.
  • Although taxi services are available in Mexico City and in popular resort areas, they charge very high fees that cannot compare to rental charges. For example, taxi fees for a one-way trip from Los Cabos to the resorts of Punta Mita are around $100. You are also at liberty to hire one at the rate of $20 per hour. This is quite expensive even though those prices are subject to negotiation.
Rock Arch in Los Cabos

Los Cabos Scenery

  • It is best to check the position of the car’s insurance before you sign for it to ensure you are driving a car that is insured for third party liability as per the Mexican law. Taking everything into account, you should be more comfortable when you have not only Collision and Damage insurance but also personal accident insurance. Of course, the rental company only cares about its property, so the rest is yours to organize. So, it helps to consider the issue of insurance beforehand. You can click here  to get your Mexican insurance policy online.
  • If you are trying to secure a rental car during a holiday season, you should be prepared for high prices. So, if you want to make great savings, you could organize your visit when there is no holiday around the corner.
  • Car rental companies will not necessarily draw your attention to faults on the car. So you need to do a personal inspection, to ensure you note down every dent and malfunctioning part, before you sign the rental agreement. You will be saving yourself unnecessary charges on return.

Generally, considering that you can check out rental cars in advance, particularly online, and that you can organize for your Mexican car insurance earlier too, travelling to Mexico does not necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can save a lot by planning early.

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Evita Thurston

Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in the world dating close to one millennium old. As such it has a rich tradition and culture. You can best enjoy your tour of Mexico. However, watch your insurance cover as you extend your days in Mexico as it could expire without your knowledge.

Rozella Ridgeway

Mexico is the cheapest point for your holiday in continental America. Warm weather and scenic beauty just compel you to go on an adventure. Though, don’t forget your Mexican insurance policy.

Elmira Tice

Taking my Mexican auto insurance online saves me a lot. I used to take a cover for several days then I end up being recalled back to duty earlier than expected. Thus, I only take for cover for a few days and easily extend it from my laptop.

Livia Evers

Kelley Blue Book is such a handy tool that enables me to quickly determine the accurate quote for my Mexico insurance policy for whichever car I choose to drive down south into Mexico.

Santo Aldrich

I reported my claim while I was still in Mexico. I knew it could be denied when I cross back over to Canada. I was so grateful I got the claim fast and easy. I just showed my Mexican auto insurance certificate and the process was fast for Mexico. It was handles right away!

Sherita Sarris

Choosing the ideal reception area is best for Mexico wedding. Just know the basics when it comes to getting requirements–because they’re mandatory.

Jerlene Colin

Getting your car ready for a trip is important. Also adding a few safety items is beneficial in saving more money and time in case of accidents.

Leonore Batres

Just keep in mind that kids are the ones that enjoy most when traveling. Make sure they feel comfortable in their seats and they have all the things they need.


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