Making a Smooth Entry Into Mexico

September 26, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

When you are a visitor going to Mexico, you are likely to have some anxiety, particularly if it is your first time to cross the border. Mexico is just next to the US and so there is really nothing strange that should worry you. That said, there are some procedures to be observed at the border and it is good to be aware of them before hand so that you do not waste time getting processed.

The first thing to appreciate is that border crossing points are different in the size of human and vehicle traffic being processed. They also vary in how remote or otherwise each location is. When it comes to being busy, Tijuana border point of crossing tops the list. It is located on the southern side of San Diego, where people cross to get into Baja. Busy as this place is, visitors and other people crossing into Mexico get processed fast; in a matter of minutes.

Secure your Mexican auto insurance in advance

To make everything easy for you on the material day, it is best that you secure your Mexican auto insurance earlier so that you have less on your plate. It can be hectic for you, trying to buy insurance at the border when you have the car import permit to secure, and when the authorities want to check you out as part of their security procedures. Besides, crossing the border for the first time can be a bit disorienting and so you want to be as relaxed as possible.

Securing car insurance in advance should not be a problem as you can do it online. You can purchase it online from this URL. There are many Mexican auto insurance companies represented in the US.

How to ease your border crossing

 You need to be clear in your mind if you have goods to declare to customs or not. If you do not have any, just move to the left lane, as most tourists do. You will see a sign inscribed, “Nothing to Declare”.

  • If you are aware you have items that require customs declaration, move straight to the lane on the right. You will see a sign that reads, “Declarations”. Ahead of you is a parking space on the inside of the border. You need to park your vehicle there as you declare your items. This is the same place you park as you file any immigration papers at those border offices.


  • You need to realize also that if you are driving a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or a motor home you automatically fall into the category of the right lane. This is because the officials at the border like inspecting them most times.

If you have nothing to declare, do you just zoom off?

No, you do not just drive past without getting go ahead. When you get to the actual point of border crossing, you will notice some traffic lights signaling. Stop before the lights and watch. If they turn green, move on into your coveted land of Mexico. If, however, they turn red, look out for the border patrol officials. They will be beckoning you to the parking lot where declarations are made. You need not panic; rather, drive slowly to the parking area for inspection.

Do the border officials take long to clear you?

The inspection, which is usually done by English speaking officials, should be through in a few minutes. Most times, when you are driving an ordinary personal car like an SUV or such other family car, the lights will turn green for you.

After your smooth entry into Mexico, you will enjoy your stay more if you avoid rough driving and road drama even when you have Mexican vehicle insurance. As you are yet to learn and get accustomed to the road etiquette in the new place, it will serve you well to keep your speed moderate. That way, you will also be able to read the road signs and register your bearings without getting anxious.

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Lakenya Jansen

Ensure that your Credit Card status is valid and you have Mexican insurance while driving south into Mexico. This could save you from lots of unexpected inconveniences.

Perry Pedersen

Buying Mexican insurance cover at the border point is fraught with risks. You could end up buying dubious insurance policy that wouldn’t cover your accident risks.

Tesha Frame

Getting a policy for your ATV can be quite challenging. You need to read through all the terms and conditions in detail while ensuring that all that you intend to be covered is actually covered. However, Mexican insurance helps me to ensure that I don’t pay for what I won’t get.

Verdell Sisson

Make an advance plan. If you drive long hours in Mexico.. So it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure to get Mexican insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Savannah Laverty

Insuring your car is one of the best options that guarantee sure help in the future. Anyone can absolutely trust Mexico insurance while driving.

Britni Mom

To ensure a fun-filled, trouble-free ride, be sure your motorcycle is maintained properly before using it. Taking risks is so uncertainly dangerous along the roads.

Lavinia Meek

In Mexico, you’ll definitely find range of leisure activities and sports. This country has been influenced by Western practices making it one of the favorite countries to visit.

Leona Keele

That’s really true. An accident can invalidate your Mexican auto insurance if someone driving your car is below twenty-one years old.

Vera Shingler

This site, Mex Insurance Store offers quality vehicle insurance for travelers who drive inside Mexico. No other site like this…

Yelena Large

There’s an option to get a Mexico car insurance policy at the border. Nevertheless, the policy cost is much higher than the regular price offered online and the coverage benefits can be very limited.

Robert Mercado

Two of the most needed documents when driving to Rocky Point are passport and Mexican auto insurance. Today, it’s pretty easy now to get insurance with the help of technology.


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