A Guide To Sumidero Canyon

September 15, 2014
Michael Ryan
Sumidero Canyon entrance

Sumidero Canyon entrance

Cañon del Sumidero or Sumidero Canyon is a natural wonder which is situated in the state of Chiapas, in southern Mexico.  It is placed between Chiapa de Corzo and the capital city of the state, Tuxtla de Gutierrez.  It is a must-visit area in Mexico, with a river running through it and with its steep walls, it is unforgettable.

Some of the remaining archaeological pieces indicate that the canyon area was previously inhabited.  The story goes that the canyon acted as a refuge for the local people from the invading Spanish.  The legend states that they usually chose to jump to their deaths rather that to submit to the Spaniards.

During 1980, the hydroelectric Manuel Morreno Torres dam was completed.  This caused the canyon to flood which allowed crossing by boat.  Prior to this, the water level varied dramatically in the canyon.  During the time of completion of the dam, the government declared the 21789 hectare area a national park.  This was done to protect the archaeological and natural species that remained.

The National Park houses in excess of 800000 species of flora and fauna.  This includes a variety of birds, mammals, butterflies, fish, reptiles and spider monkey populations.

Vantage Points

There are several lookout points within the canyon and National Park.  They are placed at different locations along the canyon and at different levels.

Besides viewing the canyon from above, you can opt for a boat tour that will take you the length of 35 km up the canyon.  The trip froes from the Belisario Dominguez Bridge to the hydroelectric dam and with the return ride, this amounts to a total of 70 km on the water.  The duration of the tour is around two hours and it allows you to view the natural beauty of the canyon.  You may even be able to see some wildlife.

Keep It Clean

Unfortunately the rainy season washes trash from the mountain villages and nearby cities down into the canyon.  The shape of the canyon allows this rubbish to accumulate at a particular narrow area.  This could make it difficult for the boats to navigate along the canyon.  However, the authorities make a point of regularly clearing up the mess, so you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Aerial view of the Sumidero Canyon

Aerial view of the Sumidero Canyon

Be Prepared

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