All You Need To Know About Tipping In Mexico

October 11, 2014
Michael Ryan
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Although it is customary to tip in Mexico, it is not always a requirement.  When you make the decision to tip or not to, you should bear in mind that most staff in the service industry in Mexico do not earn very high salaries, so if you are happy with the service you receive, you should show your appreciation by tipping.  This will not only prompt the staff to offer good service, but you may also receive preferential treatment during your stay.

It is acceptable to tip in either dollars or pesos, though pesos would be more practical for the locals.  The amount you choose to tip is entirely at your discretion, but there are a few rules concerning this.

Serving Personnel

In bars and restaurants, you have to ask the waiter or waitress for the bill.  It is considered rude if you are given the bill before requesting it.  If you are in a rush, you should consider asking for the bill as you are finishing off your meal.  This will avoid wasting time while waiting for the bill.

A tip of 10% to 20% of the total amount of the bill is customary in Mexico.  Some restaurants include service, particularly for large groups, but this is rarely so.  You can check your bill to determine if service is included.  If it is and you have received above par service, you may choose to tip for the extra care taken.  It is not customary to leave a tip at food stalls and low-cost food outlets.

At all-inclusive resorts and bars, it is acceptable to tip one dollar for each drink or 10% to 15% of the total bill value.

Housekeeping Personnel

You should tip the person who helps with your luggage or escorts you to your room between 25 and 50 pesos.  The housekeeping personnel should be tipped between 20 to 50 pesos per night, but is dependent on the class and quality of the hotel.  You should tip the staff on a daily basis and not when you leave as a staff changeover may occur during this time.

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Spa Personnel

If you opt for a spa treatment, it is usual to tip around 15% to 20% of the overall cost.

Grocery Packers

Grocery packers do not receive a salary and are dependent on tips only.  You can tip them one or two pesos per bag and if they carry the bags to your car, you can add on 10 to 20 pesos.

Vehicle Attendants

Gas station attendants are not usually tipped unless they clean your windshield, which is when you should give them about five to 10 pesos.  If they check the oil or your tires, you should tip more.

If you require roadside assistance, you do not need to tip the person who is sent to assist you.  This service should be part of your Mexican auto insurance policy.  It is mandatory that you obtain Mexican car insurance if you intend driving a vehicle on the Mexican roads.  You can quite easily obtain this online or you can purchase it at the border. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy at this URL and it includes Free Roadside Assistance.  It is inadvisable to buy it at the border as you will pay more and will not have the facility to include extras such as roadside assistance.

You should ensure that you carry a copy of your Mexican auto insurance policy with you at all times in the event you are stopped by the traffic authorities.

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