Tips For An All-Inclusive Mexican Vacation

October 07, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexican TravelAn all-inclusive Mexican vacation should allow you to relax and not have to worry about anything.  However, some of these types of trips can throw some nasty surprises your way.  To ensure that you enjoy your holiday, you should do research before you release your funds.


Mexico offers visitors a massive range of destinations that are suitable for all ages and all interests.  You should do research on the available all-inclusive vacation deals and determine if it suits your wants and needs.  You can do this online or you can visit a travel agent and obtain brochures.

Type of Vacation

Resorts which offer all-inclusive deals often cater for a specific type of person.  If you do not have children and are traveling as a couple, you may not want to choose a resort where there are tens of children.  If you are traveling as a family, you may need resorts that offer a range of activities for the younger members of your family.  You should also consider the resort size as you may prefer a more intimate, cozy setting, rather than a resort with thousands of rooms and thousands of people.

If you want to see more of the country, you may want to consider a resort that offers you a range of attractions within easy driving distance.

Included Costs

All-inclusive vacations normally include accommodation, food and drinks.  You have to confirm which other activities, outings and services are included in the cost.  You should confirm the hidden charges that may be added, such as ‘resort fees’.  Some resorts include tips in the price, but most people tip anyway.


The weather in Mexico varies slightly throughout the year and some months are hotter than others, and some may have more rain than others.  You should also consider that the country has a hurricane season from June to November.  This does not mean that you should avoid going on vacation during these times, but you should check if the hotel has hurricane guarantees and you should consider purchasing travel insurance.

Mexican vacation

Mexican vacation


Whilst you are searching for travel insurance, you should check for suitable Mexican auto insurance policies as well.  This type of insurance has become mandatory if you intend traveling through Mexico by car.  You will also require your vehicle registration papers which should be kept with you at all times.  If you are stopped by traffic authorities, you may have to produce your registration documents, vehicle permit and Mexican auto insurance policy.

It is vital that you obtain suitable Mexican vehicle insurance and adequate liability for the area you intend visiting.  The best way to ensure you obtain the most suitable policy is to do a comparison of what is available from reputable online providers. You can purchase your Mexican insurance from

Prior to making a final decision on the all-inclusive package you wish to choose, you should read a range of reviews on the resort you have chosen.  There are plenty of review sites online.  Not everyone will like the place that you like, but if most of the reviews are good, you can safely assume that the resort offers good service.

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Delpha Chamberlin

The greatest benefit you can get from full Mexican insurance while in Mexico is of extras. These extras include Roadside Assistance, Medical Assistance and Legal Assistance. Though full cover is more expensive, it is worth it.

Ema Cahill

I did my wedding in Rocky Point two years ago. I helped two of my friends’ when they had their weddings, one in Rocky point and another one in Ensenada. Baja California is such a wonderful place for weddings. Make sure to purchase quality Mexico insurance for a safe travel.

Shonna Henning

Missing my Christmas vacation in Mexico is never on my mind. I choose to travel with entire family, I usually rent beach a rental home in Mexico with relatives. We buy Mexican insurance because accidents do happen.

Weston Broome

I have been a frequent visitor to Mexico of late. I thank Mexico Insurance Store for its online Mexican insurance policy. It makes my travels to and from Mexico much easier.

Danna Earl

For me, I preferred the 6-month policy. I got a good price and coverage which are affordable. Mexican Insurance Store is one of the lowest car insurance companies in Mexico.

Vicente Amaral

In addition to Mexican auto insurance, bring your pair of inexpensive flip-flops. These are your shower shoes when staying on the beach and your quick walk to bathrooms when there are no tiles or carpets on the floor.

Gloria Burner

Print out your policy and produce two copies! Carry them with you when you head off to Monte Alban in Mexico!

Lissette Dickert

In Mexico, you can literally choose from superb all-inclusive five star resorts. They are found in areas like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

Lucie Wenrich

Luckily, Mexico gives the perfect family destination when it comes to taking a vacation – whether it’s beach, cultural or activity.

Marianela Ferretti

Figure out what are the things you should do and not do for Mexican vacation. Sometimes, knowing the do’s and don’ts is enough to make the most of your vacation.

Nita Coons

Advice and guidance in insuring your car is necessary. Nevertheless, you probably get lower quality of Mexican insurance if you buy it at the border. Choose online buying instead.

Arline Heflin

Traveling is trouble-free as long as you have all the things you need: But one thing is sure to trouble your trip, that is if you drive without Mexican insurance.

Janey Odonnell

It’s mandatory to consider different plans from various providers. With that, your final quote will be exactly to the terms you need.

Trenton Farley

Do you consider yourself a nature-lover? If you want to see varied animals, driving to Mexico will let you encounter many unique animals.


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