Tips on How to Avoid “Announcing” Yourself as a Tourist in Mexico

September 24, 2015
Michael Ryan
Aztec Ruins in Mexico

Aztec Ruins in Mexico

It is obvious that blending in a foreign country is important. Back home, many of us tend to enjoy sticking out like a sore thumb. However, standing out from the crowd while traveling, can land any tourist in big trouble.  You not only become a target for thieves, but also the locals might find your attitude and/or dress offensive.

The following easy tips will help you blend in without trouble when traveling around in Mexico:

Pack Correctly

Each item you pack into your suitcase should serve a specific purpose. As such, “being stylish” should come second to the main function of the item. Items such as gold jewelry, expensive bags, flimsy shoulder bags, expensive clothing, etc., should be left at home. They don’t serve any purpose and only make you more vulnerable to robbery. You should re-consider any jewelry that you pack because if the thief thinks that they are the least bit expensive, they will grab it.


 The idea is that you pack items and clothes that will not announce that you are a tourist – particularly if they indicate you are a rich tourist. Another factor to consider when visiting not only Mexico but also more religious or conservative countries is modesty. The point is to blend in and also be respectful of the local culture.

If you want to travel with expensive gear, then it is advisable to roughen them up and make them look old and used. You can do this by accessorizing your expensive items with duct tape, or just carry them a in an ordinary, dirty backpack. Ensure that all logos are hidden since some thieves know the value of certain items such as cameras (especially DSLR cameras) and they can rob you if they spot the logo.

Do As the Locals in a City Do

Observe your surroundings to get a feel for the atmosphere and then try to mimic the locals in order to blend in. In addition, try to engage with the locals by talking to them and asking for their advice on what to see or do in that particular city. This will help you blend in and experience the local life. It is a good way to avoid traps of many big cities.

 Avoid Carrying Your Valuables When Exploring

Keep your passport, laptop and Visa card under lock and key at your hotel and bring only the essentials when moving about in the city. The point is that you should assume a minimalist mentality. The fewer amounts of valuables you carry in your purse, pocket or backpack, the less you have to worry about. This will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

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If you’re a tourist and you decide to go to Mexico, say to yourself, “I need to buy Mexican auto insurance.”


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