Tips on What to Take to Mexico – Mexican auto insurance

August 10, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican auto insurance

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Mexican auto insurance – Tips on what to take to Mexico

Mexico is a top vacation spot for tourists from different parts of the world. Sharing the border with the U.S., it is very popular with Americans as well. Most tourists prefer the towns and beaches on destinations in Baja California, from nearby Rosarito all the way to Cabo. If you are planning to visit these sunny locations or other areas in Mexico, you need Mexican auto insurance. If you get into a wreck and can’t provide proof of Mexico insurance coverage, you could be in serious trouble. To learn more about Mexican auto insurance, visit


A large number of tourists to the country tend to go towards the Yucatan peninsula, where the weather is sunny and hot. It is okay to put on traditional swim wear and dress scantily in favorite tourist areas such as Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Cancun. However, other regions, especially rural areas tend to have a higher level of decorum as well as clothing that is less revealing. If you are planning to wander away from popular tourist spots, then be sure to pack light colored lightweight clothing to help you beat the heat.


A pair of cheap flip-flops is one of the most valuable items you can bring to Mexico. Apart from being used as shower shoes, they can also be handy on the beach, on quick visits to the bathroom at night, and for numerous other times when it is preferable not to expose your feet to suspect carpets or tiles. Don’t bring fancy high heels or loafers unless you plan to visit various classy resorts or restaurants.


When traveling to Mexico, ensure that any prescription and over- the- counter medications are packed in their original labeled packages or else they will be confiscated at the border or airport. Mexico is notorious for its water quality, so make sure you prepare ahead of time.

Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance is necessary to drive on the toll roads, so secure Mexico insurance coverage before taking off!

Is Mexican auto insurance required by law across the country? (Yes)

If you are planning to drive to Mexico on vacation, before you start packing, ensure you have Mexico insurance coverage. Although you are likely not to be stopped at the border on your way in to the country, it is good to ensure that everything is taken care of before you arrive or shortly after you enter into Mexico. You need to buy Mexican auto insurance before you cross the border to ensure that you avoid trouble. Luckily, you can purchase a policy with your smartphone, so even if you manage to forget before leaving, you can still find Mexico insurance coverage.

Mexican auto insurance from provides you with peace of mind!

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Marleen Frizzell

Planning to drive to Mexico? Your US car insurance policy normally doesn’t extend beyond Mexico border. Certainly, it doesn’t mean going to Mexico without the required Mexican auto insurance.

Willia Pulliam

Before setting up a summer trip to Baja, Mexico, makes sure your Mexican insurance is ready. Ensure also that your car is set for the trip. Preventive maintenance sends you to destination without experiencing breakdown.

Deeanna Fain

To avoid holiday traffic, plan early for your trip to Mexico. Any rental insurance purchased in Canada or US doesn’t allow extending beyond the border. It’s better off buying Mexican insurance before crossing the Mexico border.

Adrienne Shires

It’s Mexico and it’s about beaches. Vacation in Mexico is not complete without seeing attractive beaches. Go for yourself and indulge in water activities like you’ve never done before.

Bernita Saad

Include vandalism and partial theft when buying a Mexico insurance policy. These incidents occur anywhere. It is always better to stay safe!

Dotty Ridgeway

When packing stuff, decide well if taking valuables is important. They’re better off left inside the house if not really needed.

Trang Walter

I printed 2 copies of our Mexican car insurance. Having a backup copy is a must when running our car in the city.


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