Top 5 Most Magnificent Pyramids Of Mexico

March 20, 2015
Michael Ryan

Mexico does not only offer tourists stunning, white-sand beaches, but it also has a fascinating history.  Parts of this history can be seen today by a visit to one of the top pyramid sites within the country.

Tenam Puente

Tenam Puente Pyramid

Tenam Puente Pyramid

Tenam Puente is located close to Mexico City.  The climate is temperate and you can enjoy fresh, clean mountain air.  Bear in mind that the evenings may cool down and the winter months are cool.  This means you should pack suitable clothing, depending on the time of year you intend visiting.  It is a good idea to pack a waterproof jacket as you may experience rain.

Tenam Puente is placed on a hillside, and this offers excellent views of the area surrounding it.  It is believed that it was a western outpost during the Mayan era, around 600AD.

Its name is derived from ‘fortified place’ in Nauhuan.  The area it is located on stretches for about two square kilometers and was once a civic ceremonial center.  The main buildings on the site are the Acropolis.  It is placed at the uppermost point of the site and offers excellent view of the surrounding area.  These buildings are placed around a range of plazas and patios, which can be found in other Mayan structures.

The site dates back to 600AD, but there are indications that it was occupied during the period from 900 to 1200AD.  The reasons for its abandonment after this period remain unclear.

It takes around two hours to view the buildings and enjoy the beauty of Tenam Puente.  There is a large open piece of land as you enter the site.  This houses ancient ruins and ball courts.  Once you pass this center court, you reach a staircase structure which takes you to the next level.  There are trees at the top, with the temple and main site buildings.  To obtain the best view and satisfaction, you should climb to the top of the biggest structure.

Chichen Itza

El Castillo Pyramid at Chichen Itza

El Castillo Pyramid at Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is Mexico’s most important archaeological park.  The site is situated close to Mexico City.

This site measures around four square miles and you will need a full day to view everything it has to offer.  The layout of the temples is structured in a time line fashion.  You can go on a guided tour of the park and the guides will provide information on the Mayan culture and the site’s history.

This particular section of the country becomes quite hot from midday to around 4pm.  It is best to try and stay close to the park, which will allow you to start your tour early in the morning when the weather is comfortable.

Some of the highlights of this park include the Castle, which has 18 terraces, 52 panels and 365 steps.  You should also make the effort to view the Principal Ball Court, Temple of the Jaguars, The Snail, Temple of Skulls, and the oldest section of the city, called Chichen Viejo.  You can also attend the Sounds and Lights Show, which is included in the admission price.


Chinkultic Pyramid

Chinkultic Pyramid

Chinkultic is located on the western side of the Lakes of Montebello National Park.  It offers visitors interesting old buildings and temples, with astounding views across the jungle and the surrounding region.  It can easily be reached from Comitan and since it only needs an hour or two to experience, is a super stop-over if you intend visiting the Lakes of Montebello.

The site dates back to 600AD and may have been one of the western outposts of the Mayan people.  This site has not been fully excavated, unlike some of the other Mayan sites, such as Chichen Itza.  However, this should not detract you from visiting it as a visit will be well worth it.

The site is placed in the jungle, which means it becomes humid and hot.  You should ensure that you have adequate bottled water, and sunscreen and insect repellant will be useful.

Upon entry to the site, there are several partially excavated structures, which are still covered by natural vegetation.  This includes the area known as the Sunken Plaza.

To reach the main site temple, the Acropolis, you have to cross the stream via a stone bridge.  Thereafter the climb becomes steeper before you reach the temple.  Once atop the hill, exploration of some of the remains of the Acropolis and a stunning view is possible.  Below the Acropolis and to its left, you can catch a glimpse at an ancient water reservoir or cenote.  This is a special reservoir as it is the only one located in the state of Chiapas.


Coba Pyramid

Coba Pyramid

Coba is situated around 50 kilometers from Tulum and has a feeling of isolation as it is not visited as much as its neighbor, Tulum.  This was known as one of the largest Mayan cities, but most of the site has still not been excavated, hence the mystery that still surrounds it.

It is stated that Coba was an important trade center between the Caribbean and Chichen Itza during times gone by.  Inside this dense jungle, one can see archaeological structures and pyramids through the undergrowth and trees.  There is a mysterious network of ancient roads in this area, the longest of which runs for around 45 miles, connecting Coba to another Mayan settlement, Yaxuna.  Coba remains the hub of this network of roads.

The architecture in this region is also a mystery as it is different to that of Chichen Itza.

Coba is an ideal site to visit for those who are looking for mysteries, and something less commercialized and excavated than the more popular sites.  It should take around three to five hours to view the entire site and it is best to visit during the morning as the heat can become unbearable.


Teotihuacan Pyramid

Teotihuacan Pyramid

The ancient ruins of Teotihuacan can be found around 30 miles northeast of Mexico City.  Many of the archaeological sites in Mexico are still shrouded in mystery and Teotihuacan is one of them.  Its origins are not clear, but it is believed that some of its inhabitants came from the Valley of Mexico to the south.  These people are said to have been refugees from the Xitle volcano eruption.  The construction of this city may have commenced during the first two centuries BC.  The civilization reached its peak from 350 to 650AD.

Archaeologists are in agreement that this could be one of the most important archaeological sites within Mexico.  It used to be the largest city in the Americas and at its peak (around 500AD), its population was in excess of Rome’s during the same period.

A mystery that has still not been solved is where this massive population went – they appear to have simply vanished.  Human sacrifice was popular in this region.  Several tombs were found during the excavation period and some of the remains are believed to have been that of people who were sacrificed to the gods.

This is one of the most important archaeological sites globally and if your interest lies in ancient information, this is a site you cannot miss.

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