Great Tourist Areas To Visit In Mexico

May 03, 2015
Michael Ryan

Mexican TravelMexico offers something for everyone.  Regardless of what you want to do in the country, you can find a beautiful spot somewhere.  You can choose to go camping, or visit one of the beautiful resorts, or you can simply jump in your car and travel through the country for an extended holiday.

If you intend driving while you are in Mexico, you should bear in mind that you need to obtain Mexican vehicle insurance before you enter the country.  Your Canadian or US vehicle insurance will not be valid in Mexico.  Obtaining Mexican car insurance is not a cumbersome process.  All that is required is for you to go on the Internet and do a search.  You can purchase your Mexican auto insurance from this URL.

You will have the choice of liability only or comprehensive insurance.  If you intend doing a lot of driving for an extended period of time, comprehensive insurance should be your choice.  It will provide you with coverage for personal damage and losses, as well as that of third parties.


Ixtapa is situated 160 miles north-west of Acapulco, on the Pacific coast.  It is a beach resort region with golf courses, high-rise hotels and discos that are open all night long.  In stark contrast, Zihuatanejo, its sister city is situated four miles away and is a fishing village with cobble-stoned streets and restaurants that are inexpensive.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is situated on the very tip of the Baja California peninsula.  It is composed of two cities, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas which offer beautiful natural attractions.


This is an area known for its beaches, and is situated on the Pacific coast.  It is in Sinaloa state, which is around 270 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  This is an extremely popular port for cruises which go along the Mexican Riviera.  Its active nightlife, golden beaches, water sport and wildlife make it an interesting and busy area to visit.  Some of the carnivals held in the city on an annual basis are the biggest attraction in the country.

Mazatlan Carnival 2014

Mazatlan Carnival 2014


This is a busy cosmopolitan city on the Yucatan Peninsula.  It is a fascinating area to visit as it offers tourists beautiful colonial architecture and a vibrant cultural scene.  It also hosts some of the best Mayan archaeological sites in the country.


During the colonial days, Morelia was known as Valladolid.  It was founded by the first viceroy of New Spain, Antonio de Mendoza and is known as one of the first Spanish cities in the country.  His encouragement of Spanish nobles to settle in the area is responsible for the grand, elegant buildings.  The town had a strategic role during the Independence War as it was the birthplace of the revolutionary who became a hero, Jose Morelos de Pavon.  The city was the first area to be taken over by the independents and from there Morelos led the army to Mexico City.  The name of the town was changed after independence to honor Morelos.  The city continues to have a distinct Spanish feel to it.  The buildings have been well-preserved and the layout of the town is in typical Spanish style.

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Sharla Cardwell

Be sure you know where in Mexico you are going. Getting lost on your way is a nightmare. Who can help you if no one can be found? Or, if you can’t contact your Mexican insurance provider.

Adena Manuel

If you still don’t have your own Mexican insurance buy now online or at the border! You don’t know the day when you need your car insurance for a claim. So always be ready!

Denisha Dill

Clean water is helpful not only for quenching your thirst but also for preventing possible diseases. Bottled water is the best option. Take enough food but more water when traveling. Keep safe by grabbing your Mexican insurance online before you go.

Jacquelyne Aiken

To avoid buying the wrong Mexican insurance, ask assistance from their customer service. They know the right policy that fits your budget and needs. You can’t be wrong in your choice if you know the benefits and claims you want.

Wai Isaac

Right away, your Mexico insurance is available to Mexican authorities. In case you’re engaged in car accident, your claim will be handled efficiently. It reduces time of dealing with authorities.

Pilar Khan

There are particular locales for off-road enthusiasts who want to drive in Mexico. All skills levels have fun. It’s a Mexican style after all. But keep safe by grabbing your Mexican auto insurance cover online.

Cornelia Ulrich

When you’re planning for a Mexico trip, there are specific locations you want to reach like Baja. But, it’s impossible to drive your car if you don’t have Mexico insurance.

Gia Baggett

Having an independent agency is the easiest way to buy quality Mexican auto insurance. This website offers quality insurance to all.

Jospeh Calvi

Go swimming. Plunge into the water. Whether it’s a river, lake, or sea, there’s no heat a quick dip in water can’t cool down.

Felipa Morreale

Because San Felipe doesn’t get thousands of visitors, it can keep its beaches clean and clear. This place is the source of a stunning place to swim delightfully.


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