Two Most Important Reasons Why Every Mexican Visitor Should Get Mexican Insurance

June 20, 2014
Michael Ryan

When you are planning to go on a vacation, you want to enjoy yourself. Nobody wants to be bogged down with court summons and visits when all that one wanted was time to relax away from home. Unfortunately, some people give the wrong impression about Mexico to potential visitors. There are people who will even give you the impression that you do not need a vehicle insurance policy; that instead you can bribe your way around the country.

Mexican vacation

Mexican vacation

The question you need to ask yourself is: Even if bribery were to be accepted, is it really worth bribing policemen at every check point for the duration of your stay? The truth is, auto insurance is mandatory in Mexico and it has to be Mexican. You may click here to purchase your Mexican auto insurance policy if you still haven’t got one. You can easily find yourself in a Mexican jail for failing to have that very important policy, particularly if you hurt anyone on Mexican soil.

Why you need to be extra serious about Mexican insurance

  • Even in areas that the country has been lax, it is now ensuring that laws pertaining to insurance are stringent. In fact, some states are going the US way. In 2012, for instance, some states amended their laws so that if you are found without necessary insurance, you are slapped with a fine and your vehicle is confiscated. Such states include Baja and Jalisco.
  •  In Mexico, they do not implement the law the way it happens in the US. In the US, when you are caught up in an accident with another driver, you take each others’ insurance details and proceed on your journey. Not so in Mexico. Whether you are a foreigner or not, if you are involved in a car accident, you are required to report to court and wait for the judge to hear your case and determine it. In case you are fined, you cannot be released till you have paid the amount fined. As would be expected, facing a magistrate or a judge in foreign land can be intimidating, irrespective of whether you can understand Spanish or not.

But the situation is less gloomy when you have the necessary insurance because:

  • You can produce your insurance documents and confirm that you are able to pay up the fine and any damages caused the other party.
  •  Your insurance company will send their legal personnel to represent you the soonest and keep you from waiting in jail as your bond is paid.


How do you know you are dealing with a legitimate company?

  • While it is important to understand you need to buy a Mexican insurance policy, you cannot trust just anyone to purport to provide that. Some American insurance agents might mislead you if you are not well versed with the requirements. For a company to qualify to sell you a Mexican policy, it needs to have its registration at the Mexican Department of Insurance. Only then can it even have agents in the US or elsewhere to tap business on its behalf. So, you need to ask the right questions to establish the agent’s position.
  • To distinguish a policy that is solely US from one that covers Mexico, clearly read its stipulations. When only US liabilities are covered, you will read information to the effect that the policy covers the US, its territories or what it considers its possessions; Puerto Rico; and also Canada. It will then proceed to warn you that motor accidents in Mexico are subject to Mexican laws.


Mexican Insurance for Mexicn Vacation
In addition, the document will clearly guide you by informing you that you should acquire a Mexican auto insurance policy specifically from a Mexican insurance company. In short, if an agent is trying to give you a document that does not state explicitly that the company is going to cover you in Mexico unconditionally, you had better leave it and seek out the right insurers.

If you have valid Mexican auto insurance, it does not matter which time of the year you are visiting. You are bound to enjoy driving around, enjoying the weather and Mexico’s fascinating tourist attractions.

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Janita Thorn

It is now legally required to have Mexican auto insurance for your vehicle in order to cross the border and travel within Mexico, any damage occurred without insurance policy will cause you jail time in prison.

Dusty Seidel

The best way to enjoy touring Mexico is to freely interact with its people. The first time I visited, I boarded in a hotel but felt a bit bored. The next time I came visiting I decided to board in a hostel near a friend I got during my first visit. This really made me enjoy the Mexican cheerful lifestyle.

Jamila Pyle

If you want to keep visiting Mexico, choose one car that you will be frequently using. This can save you lots of pesos since Mexico insurance cover is not freely transferable from one car to another.

Consuela Mccollum

Filing a Mexico insurance claim while still in Mexico is the best thing to do as it will put you on a right start especially when it comes to dealing with required paperwork.

Edyth Watters

The convenience of buying Mexican auto insurance online makes it the most ideal thing to do. While in the interior of Mexico, your cover could expire without you having any knowledge of the nearest insurance agent. The good thing with online insurance cover, you can get it wherever you are provided that you have internet access.

Lissette Guidry

I visited Mercado Veinte Tres sometimes last year and was surprised to get designer-made vintage clothing just as new at a very knock-down price.

Parthenia Garmon

Exceptional Clauses are common in most Mexico insurance. Prudence dictates that you read the small details and if in doubt seek independent opinion. Don’t overlook anything.

Libbie Book

When involved in an accident and you injured a driver or car, your US coverage will unfortunately uncover you. Worst, this may arrest you because you’re driving without Mexico insurance.

Pansy Mai

Additional insurance protection is necessary when driving on toll roads in Mexico and you can have it via Mexican insurance for San Diego.

Deedee Zemke

Be sure to check the craft markets when in Mexico, particularly Rocky Point where you’ll find more genuine arts and crafts.

Deloris Montoya

Many people who want low cost of living prefer to choose a town in Mexico to be their permanent residence. They get a town where there can conveniently settle in.

January Spalding

A lot of people who travel in Mexico aren’t vaccinated before taking a trip. I guess in many incidents vaccination is not so important. However, Mexican insurance is a must when driving.

Dovie Salter

The spirit of Christmas is much felt among Mexicans. They embrace other races with warmth and friendliness.

Erma Franco

Whether you know where you’re headed to of not, a simple rate comparison in buying Mexican auto insurance and vacation package deal is all that you need.


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