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Finding the Right Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians from from

Get away from the snow and the chill of winter, taking a few weeks or even a couple of months to soak in the sunshine of Mexico. Mexican auto insurance for Canadians is an important factor in planning a fun getaway as a snowbird, and you will appreciate the benefits in researching high-quality Mexican insurance for Canadians before you leave.

It’s important to be able to compare policies, and you’ll appreciate easy side-by-side comparisons of up to five options in Mexican auto insurance for Canadians at one time. You can pinpoint the perfect policy as you consider issues like fixed-rate deductibles, vandalism protection, high liability limits and medical evacuation.

The process for buying your Mexican insurance for Canadians is easy:

  • Provide information about your automobile
  • Select the policy of your choice and pay with a major credit card
  • Print your documents as proof of coverage

It’s important to remember that your Canadian car insurance policy isn’t valid as you travel in Mexico. Fortunately, you don’t have to make a special trip to an agent to obtain Mexican auto insurance for Canadians. Online access to high-quality coverage makes the right policy easy to obtain with just a few clicks of the mouse. The 24-hour convenience of online coverage is available every day of the year.

Mex Insurance – Credentials that Back Our Services and Mexican auto  insurance for Canadians policies

As the top seller of Mexican insurance for Canadians in the Inland Empire of Southern California, we are proud to serve the needs of Canadian travelers throughout the year. We write nationwide, including Canada! You can count on top service and coverage as you escape the icy Canadian winter. We also provide coverage to numerous service organizations as they prepare to visit Mexico to do a variety of construction and community assistance projects and charitable work. We provide excellent pricing and coverage that can’t be beat.

Some of the important features of our Mexican auto insurance for Canadians include:

  • Legal help – representation and bail bond assistance are provided if you are detained
  • Medical assistance – coverage that will help if you are injured because of an accident
  • Vehicle rental – if your vehicle is unable to drive, you will be able to rent a car to continue on your way or to return home
  • Roadside emergencies – guaranteed help at NO ADDITIONAL COST if you have automobile trouble on the highway

Bypassing Expensive Border Agencies

While many inexperienced travelers make quick border stops to buy their coverage, it’s important to consider the value in taking time to research and buy online. You have time to compare policy features and prices. You also have the ability to evaluate short and long-term coverage. Your three-month adventure, for example, is much more expensive on a day-by-day policy than if you select a six-month policy. Entering your own information and seeing the quotes for yourself is the best way to make an informed purchase.

Your online coverage also provides you with the ability to print multiple copies of your documents. It’s always wise to carry a spare set of policy documents in case you are separated from your vehicle in an accident. If your plans lead to an extended stay, your need to purchase additional Mexican insurance for Canadians can be handled quickly from any computer with Internet access.

From the lowest fixed deductibles in the industry to excellent per-hour labor rates, we enable you to obtain excellent value and benefits for your travels.