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Types of Mexican Insurance Coverage – Top Ranked Mexican Auto Insurance Choices

As you search for the right types of Mexican insurance for your trip, the options can be a bit confusing. However, our quick quote tool enables you to view policy differences in a chart format that will ensure that you can easily note the points of difference from one policy to another. The types of Mexican auto insurance available will allow you to fine-tune your choice so that your unique needs are met for the duration of your travels. Whether you will spend a day or an entire year touring the country, having the right type of Mexico insurance is essential for protecting yourself legally and financially.

Ace Platinum Policy Coverage

Ace is one of the leading choices in the Mexican insurance industry, enabling you to have access to high ratings and an outstanding track record for addressing claimms. With A+ ratings from A.M. Best, this Mexico insurance company’s coverage allows you to benefit from not only prompt service and reliable results but also from important add-on benefits at no extra charge. Travel assistance benefits make this an excellent choice for most travelers. Ace Platinum Mexican auto insurance also covers partial theft and vandalism in full coverage policies, an important need for those buying Mexico insurance for high-risk areas. Ace also has the only guaranteed Roadside Assistance in the Mexico insurance industry.

Ace Standard Policy Coverage

Ace Standard auto policies are very similar to Ace Platinum coverage. The primary difference between the two types of choices is the fact that the standard option excludes partial theft and vandalism protection. If you aren’t too concerned with these issues, you’ll receive excellent quality and pricing in a standard product from Ace.

Mapfre Mexico Insurance Policy

Mapfre is comparable to Ace Standard in terms of these types of policies with similar features. Pricing is slightly less than in Ace products, and there are some age limitations for travel assistance. Whereas Ace policies include options like plane tickets for interrupted travel issues, Mapfre coverage excludes such benefits. Additionally, a Mapfre Mexican auto insurance policy doesn’t cover car rentals. If your travels will keep you close to the border area, and you want Standard auto coverage, then you may prefer the savings of a Mapfre policy.

HDI Mexican Insurance Policy

HDI Mexican Insurance scored a 92%, and ranked No. 1 out of 19 other Mexican auto insurance policies in a recent independent Mexican auto insurance rating competition. HDI provides some helpful options not found in other types of South of the Border policies. For example, you can cover the operation of your ATV, golf cart or quad. You’ll also find increased coverage for legal representation. This premium choice can be broadened to include partial theft and vandalism, or you can limit your full coverage to total theft protection. HDI may be an excellent choice if you are traveling with expensive equipment like your ATVs. It may also be a preferred choice if you will be traveling through areas with more challenging legal environments.

Mexican Insurance for Canadians

Your insurance for traveling in your Canadian vehicle can be selected to accommodate your plans and timing. You’ll find long-term coverage to be a great value for your winter as a snowbird, and you’ll find shorter types of  coverage for working vacations or service-related travel.

Mexican Auto Insurance for Rocky Point

We provide location-specific insurance assistance for areas like the popular tourist destination, Rocky Point. You can plan your getaway with a quality policy that will be in effect throughout your travels. You can also count on easy Internet access from Rocky Point if you find that you need to change your coverage for extending your travel period.

MexInsuranceStore.com carries high-quality types of  plans from top-rated providers to ensure that your specific needs and concerns are addressed thoroughly. Your travel should be as carefree as possible, and our affordable rates and excellent policies ensure that you can focus on the adventure ahead.