Useful Tips For Buying Mexican Car Insurance

March 11, 2015
Michael Ryan

Mexican Insurance

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, whether it is a short or a long trip, you need to obtain Mexican car insurance if you are going to drive in the country.  Your car insurance policy that you currently have in the US is not valid in Mexico, which means you are compelled to purchase a policy prior to entering Mexico. You can purchase your Mexican auto insurance from this MexinsuranceStore URL.

Most people opt for a short term policy simply to cover the extent of their stay.  However, you should consider the cost savings of a longer term policy if you intend travelling to Mexico more than once in the coming months.

There are distinct differences between the policy you hold in the US and the one you need to purchase to use the roads in Mexico.

One of the differences between the policies is the liability coverage.  Mexican civil law states that no liability can be claimed for emotional distress suffered during an auto accident.  This implies that liability only Mexican auto insurance only covers costs for personal injury or property damage.  These costs can quite easily be assessed on its value.

The law in Mexico states that vehicles which are involved in accidents need to remain within the country’s borders until the damages incurred have been settled in full.  Until such time as you are able to offer proof that you can cover the costs of any damage caused, you may be held in jail.  This makes it important for you to include legal assistance to your policy.  This will allow you to appoint a lawyer to aid in your case.  You should also find out if this will include bail-bond assistance which will allow you to at least wait for the accident result in the luxury of your hotel accommodation, rather than in jail.

Be Aware of the Deductibles

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You should be aware of the exact deductibles related to your Mexican vehicle insurance policy.  Mexican auto insurance generally comes with two types of deductibles.  The first is a deductible for physical damage and this amount is usually around 2% of the vehicle’s value, but with a minimum amount of $500.  The theft deductible is normally 5% of the value of the vehicle, with a minimum amount of $1000.  You should ensure that you are happy with these deductibles, alternatively, you should ask your insurance provider for an amendment of the amounts.

If you are concerned about obtaining adequate medical care after an accident, you should consider adding medical evacuation coverage to your policy.  This will cover you for the costs to fly home and for any ambulance charges.  It is also possible for you to add additional coverage for plane tickets to allow you to fly home, if your car has been totaled.

Prior to leaving for your trip to Mexico, you should ensure that you have all the required paperwork.  When you enter the country, you need to have car insurance, as well as a car permit.  It is necessary for the car insurance policy and the vehicle registration papers to be in the name of the driver.  If you do not own the vehicle or it is held under a loan agreement, you should obtain written permission from the owner or the finance company to take it across the border.

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Williams Cintron

Mexico is a famous tourist destination for its three key things; nature, people and culture. Mexico’s natural beauty is astounding, its authentic culture inspiring and its people welcoming. I never miss to book my Mexican insurance policy online in advance just not to be inconvenienced and pay more crossing the border.

Bennett Hoang

Whatever that is being towed by your car, whether a trailer or sleigh such as Santa’s, it needs separate insurance for it. Consult Mexican Insurance Store for appropriate insurance.

Lorette Sands

One lesson I have learned on my frequent visits to Baja is that you can have the best experience by charting the unbeaten path. Self-driving allows you to easily adventure than using a tour company. It is advisable to take up full Mexico insurance coverage for your car to stay protected from all risks.

Roseanna Oleary

Accidents are always unexpected. When you are driving on Mexican roads, the greater the need for insurance cover due to the road infrastructure characterized by sharp bends, steep slopes and plenty of meanders. This is increases your risks and thus the greater the need for Mexican insurance policy.

Valorie Moe

The Border Wait Time App is great. It has immensely contributed to easing out on border delays. It is pushing Mexican authorities to find better ways for faster processing of important documents such as Mexican auto insurance policy, vehicle permit and tourist visa.

Nadene Mattos

Visit several high-ranking websites that offer Mexican auto insurance. Be wise in choosing your policy. Online offers the best options, so don’t even dare buy it from the border.

Agustin Baez

The best car insurance in Mexico is available online. You only need to find what’s the right quote for you. So far, Mexican insurance store offers one of them. Free quotes are available anytime.

Mikaela Estep

Mexican Insurance Store dedicates all their resources to their clients, delivering quality services to the market.

Savanna Bogert

Having a family trip to Mexico has many challenges. However, advance planning will certainly make your next entire family vacation much easier!

Lashawna Rabb

Unexpected accident? It’s worth considering some notion about the likely accident when driving in Mexico. It’s but normal.

Linwood Cartwright

New in Mexico? Your Mexico insurance company is more than willing to extend help so you can shop wisely and more conveniently.

Damien Hamblin

Most Mexican car insurance is now bought directly online. Many websites sell car insurance. The process of buying has never been easier.

Audrie Still

A day trip usually has fewer accidents as opposed to a night trip when driving is riskier. That’s why I always bring my Mexico car insurance all the time.


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