Prepare Your Vehicle Documents For Your Mexico Trip

September 23, 2014
Michael Ryan

If you do not reside close to the border and you have not visited Mexico before, you may be wondering about the best way you can prepare your trip in advance.  You should do adequate research regarding the paperwork you require to get in and out of the country.  The requirements for the various regions within Mexico may also vary and you should ensure that you are aware of all of these.

US-Mexico border

US-Mexico border

There are legalities related to car importation in the country.  If you are only going as far as Baja, you will not have to worry about this.  However, regardless of where you intend travelling, you will need Mexican vehicle insurance.  You need to have Mexican vehicle insurance in place before you arrive at the border post.

Documents to Prepare

You need to ensure that your vehicle registration is current and valid before you reach the border.  If you are going to be driving a vehicle that is not registered in your name, you need signed permission from the owner to confirm that you have the right to take the vehicle across the border.

Many tourists make the decision to travel to Mexico in their rental car.  This is legal only if you have permission from the rental company to do so.  Not having the correct permission may cause major problems if you are involved in a vehicle accident while in Mexico.  It may be necessary for the owner of the vehicle to go to Mexico to handle the legal issues.

An important point is that if you intend driving a US plated vehicle which is registered in another person’s name and you are not a US or Canadian citizen, and you do not hold a valid US or Canadian driver’s license, you may land in trouble.  The border control authorities have the right to seize the vehicle and the fine you will be charged could be as high as the value of the vehicle.

If you are going to mainland Mexico, you will need to apply for a temporary vehicle importation document.  The customs station that is situated just beyond the border will handle the paperwork.  You will have to pay a deposit for the permit.  To save some time at the border, you can apply for this document at a Mexican consulate in different areas, such as San Bernardino, Sacramento, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Albuquerque and Austin.

Get Your Mexican Vehicle Insurance 

You need to obtain Mexican vehicle insurance if you intend driving in Mexico.  It is quite easy to obtain the insurance.  You can go online and do research related to the different providers of this type of insurance policy.  You can purchase it online at this link and immediately print a copy of your policy.  It is recommended that you print a copy of the policy in English and Spanish.  This is extremely useful if you happen to be stopped by a traffic policeperson who is not fluent in English.

Mexican Insurance

You need to have a valid passport or passport card to travel to Mexico.  It may not be necessary to produce this when you enter the country, but you will need it when you leave the country.  You need a tourist permit if you are to remain in the country for longer than three days.

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Delila Benjamin

The quality of Mexican insurance depends on the reputation of the insurer. Do not fall prey to shacks. Verify the authenticity of your cover before you get duped.

Sherril Tomlinson

With the heightened levels of global terrorism, it is no longer safe or smart to visit a foreign country without proper documentation. Have your tourist visa, Mexican insurance cover, passport and other relevant documents while in Mexico.

Angella Zapata

Being legal is important, even in getting Mexican auto insurance. I’m happy I have given all the requirements needed. I may not be involved in any legal issue in the future, but if it happens, my complete requirements will be of good help to me!

Kendall Ocana

With a very friendly and enthusiastic tour guide, it’s sure that you will appreciate the different and interesting destinations in Mexico.

Ethelene Urick

Puerto Villarta is the home to many vacation locations and sometimes it can be hard to choose which location to go. But anyone can roam around running his car to see other wonderful places.

Felipa Morreale

Mexican insurance law requires drivers and car owners to buy liability insurance from a licensed insurance provider with the authority to give coverage in Mexico.

Larue Sloan

Mexico City is one of the most inexpensive places for international vacationists. You can reach Mexico by just driving your car. Don’t forget to get insured, though, by Mexican insurance.

Lucius Apgar

Think twice whether you purchase Mexican insurance at the border or not. There are more negatives buying at the border compared to buying online.

Charita Darby

Being in a hurry makes you overlook necessary papers for traveling like Mexico insurance. Double checking the stuff you need is important before leaving the house.

Lurlene Anders

Do your research for the right Mexican car insurance. Only then can you drive freely, peacefully, and happily in Mexico.

Franklyn Otoole

A few things should be prepared before traveling to Mexico. You need travel documents, Mexico car insurance and the best GPS for the place you want to visit. Know in advance what activities you will engage in.

Jacquie Savoy

Summer is our first time to meet Mexico. We’ve planned well for it. Our Mexican auto insurance is now ready.


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