Vehicle Prep for a Mexico Road Trip and a Mexican Insurance Policy

January 29, 2014
Michael Ryan

Getting your vehicle ready for a trip to Mexico is important. Any road trip can expose your vehicle to wear and tear, and it’s always ideal to check the basics before you set out. Verify that your fluids are topped off and that you have extra supplies in your car. Check your tires as well. As you finalize your plans, it’s wise to make sure that your brakes and radiator are also in good shape.

Brake Problems and Mexican Driving

Your destination may play a role in wear on your brakes, especially if you will be driving a long distance. Your mechanic can provide an overview of the level of wear your existing brakes have, and he can estimate the mileage you can travel before changing them. Long-distance travel could put you in the position of driving with worn brakes if you are nearing the need to make a replacement. Altitudes can play a role in further wear. Tijuana, for example, has many hilly areas that require extra use of your brakes. Mexican Highway 1 will take you through many elevation changes as well. A brake failure could be serious in some locations.

Radiators and Overheating in Mexico

If you’ve noticed indications that your radiator could be nearing its end, you should have it checked prior to leaving for Mexico, the right Mexican insurance policy can come in handy. Overheating may be more common during summer travel, and long stretches of remote highway can leave you stranded with little traffic. You will find locations on the highway with non-potable water for such issues, but they tend to be very far apart. Your Mexican insurance policy includes roadside assistance for just such instances, but a little attention to your vehicle in advance of your trip could save you the need to use this feature.

Repairs in Mexico

If you find that you are in need of repair during your travels, it’s important to realize that you may not receive the same level of service or quality of parts that would be available at home. You should find mechanic shops, mecánicas, in most towns. However, you may have to wait for needed parts for your vehicle to arrive. In larger cities, you may have more options for vehicle repairs, including dealerships for your vehicle brand. The travel assistance feature of your Mexico insurance policy may enable you to get recommendations for the best repair locations.

Did you know? Every Mexican insurance policy by comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

Vehicle Prep for a Mexico Road Trip and a Mexican Insurance Policy

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Dori Amin

It’s a good thing for the Mexican beaches not to allow nudity as these places would be more family-friendly in nature. And of course, getting your car covered by the Mexican insurance is important if you’re planning to drive in the country.

Abbie Hunger

I’ve been told that Cancun is a place that has more activities for adults than for children. However, when we arrived there, as you mentioned in your post we could find family-oriented activities with ease. We explored almost the whole town without worry as we had our car covered by the Mexican insurance.

Dario Lauritsen

Once in a while, I don’t mind having a vacation in Mexico’s Gulf although the weather is rather humid and steamy. As long as I am allowed to drive my own car, it’s good enough.

Mallie Lehr

I thought rubber balls were first created when basketball was introduced. Haha. I was wrong then. I should’ve visited more places in Mexico to learn more about its sports activities. I can begin searching anytime as the Mexican car insurance I bought previously is still valid.

Renay Edmondson

It pays to buy auto insurance when going for any adventure in Mexico that will involve driving on highways. This will keep you properly covered while on the roads plus you may additionally get important road assistance.

Gertrud Lebouef

From all the available activities to explore in Ciudad Del Carmen, I like to hang out at its beaches. The Sabancuy beach is the perfect place for me.

Tonda Guinn

Border officials will consume more of your time if you forget to get Mexican auto insurance, as they are strict with their rules and laws. Getting it before hand saves you a lot of time.

Season Hurley

You may head out to Mexico for spending a splendid time with your family, yet you forget to purchase Mexican auto insurance due to lack of proper knowledge about their rules and regulations as a result you will be strictly inquired.

Kareem Woodruff

Due to recklessness of some drivers, topes are erected on black spots to dissuade reckless drivers from over-speeding. Topes can be steep and could easily damage your car should you not spot them. I don’t know wheter Mexican insurance covers them or not?

Audrie Still

Mexican auto insurance is so cheap that you need not risk the inconveniences of doing without it. You never know when a misfortune will strike. Be safe.

Thomasine Rayburn

Spending some hours or even a day in jail is not fun. Yet, this can happen to you as it happened to me one day. Yes, I was found driving without Mexican auto insurance and got booked in. keep off foreign jails. Have insurance cover.

Rodney Mcgrail

Many tours in Mexico are full of fun and safe for children. Just make sure to always check the age and height requirements.

Albert Winsor

Mexico has typically all things you want to have fun with. Great experience awaits in Mexico. Start driving now but don’t forget your Mexican insurance.

Charissa Courchesne

Include in your list Mexican insurance when planning to spend winter in Mexico. You’d be surprised with the several benefits it offers.

Christiane Ballerini

One of the reasons why big vehicles are not acceptable in Queretaro is the fact that the parking areas are not large enough to accommodate more cars, especially big vehicles.

Dominga Voisin

The fastest way and cheapest way to meet the proof of liability is to own Mexican insurance. You can buy a reliable policy right from this site.

Emerita Yun

Insurance is a must before driving to a campsite location, so buy your Mexican insurance. It can be done at home or inside the car while taking a trip.

Sherell Baines

If you’re planning for a cruise outside the country, consider buying Mexico auto insurance. Then start driving your trip to Mexico.

Muoi Dooley

Mexican insurance has tons of benefits. You can drive legally in Mexico as long as you have it. Then going to Baja culinary festival isn’t a problem.

Chandra Hutton

Going to different beaches is the journey of most tourists and travelers. Real quick they can hit the road and reach four to five beautiful beaches in Mexico.

Armandina Claude

Work hard to always drive safely. Driving doesn’t promise an accident-free journey, so it matters to drive carefully all the time. Buying Mexican insurance matters as well.

Amada Osullivan

Mexican Insurance Store offers quality car insurance in Mexico. This also tailors to your plans in Mexico traveling. There are different coverage levels that meet your need.


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