Visit Holbox In Mexico To Enjoy Paradise

October 08, 2014
Michael Ryan
Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox

Holbox is a beautiful 26-mile long Mexican island, and forms part of the Yum-Balam Biosphere Reserve.  The population of the island is about 1200, with its main industry being fishing.

Since Holbox is a fishing area, visitors to the island consist mainly of Mexicans and not tourists.  The islanders place focus on eco-tourism as it has so many natural tourist attractions.  The island is separated from the mainland by a lagoon called Yalahau.

Things To do in Holbox

Once you make the decision to visit the area, you should become aware of the different types of activities that are available.  The area receives whale sharks as visitors during June and September and this is the time when the Plankton blossom takes place.  The whale shark is the largest fish species, which feeds mainly on fish eggs and plankton.  It grows to around nine meters long and its mouth can be as large as 1.5 meters wide.  Visitors have the opportunity to go and view the whale sharks, and either remain in the tour boat or swim with these beautiful and stunning fish.

There are many tours that take place to Bird Island, which is covered in mangrove swamps.  This is where you can view the different bird species, including flamingos, herons, wild ducks, seagulls and pelicans.

The island can be reached by ferry from Chiquila or small plane from Playa del Carmen or Cancun.  There are no cars on this island as the main transport method for locals and tourists are gold carts, which can be rented in the town.

Mexican Insurance for Your Vehicle

If you intend driving to a point where you switch to the ferry, you should ensure that you arrange Mexican insurance for your vehicle.  Regardless of whether you are travelling from Canada or the U.S., your current auto insurance will not be valid in Mexico.  It is quite easy to buy Mexican auto insurance.  You should contact your current insurance provider to determine if they are able to offer this type of insurance to you, or you can purchase it online quite easily.

If you decide to purchase your Mexican insurance online  just  go to . You should ensure that you obtain the correct amount of liability for the specific area you intend traveling to.  If you opt for liability only insurance, you will not be covered for personal liability.  This type of coverage offers protection for third party damage and injury only.

Swimming in Holbox

Swimming in Holbox

If you opt for comprehensive or full coverage, you will be covered for damages and injury to both parties involved in the accident.  You may want to consider adding legal and bail assistance to aid you in the event that you are detained by the police.  So before you make a final decision on the type of policy you buy, you should make a note of all your requirements.

Holbox is not the type of place to visit if you are looking for a raucous nightlife.  There are some hotels who offer bar services and a few downtown bars.  There are several restaurants around the main square where you can savor delicious Mexican cuisine.

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Tourists visit Mexico to behold attractive butterflies arriving in masses to a single tree. The scene transforms the butterflies into a colorful orange spectacular.

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