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July 14, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican auto insurance

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Mexican auto insurance – Why you should visit Mexico during fall

Mexico has a climate that suits everyone, and each one of the seasons has its own special appeal.  Winter may be the most popular time of year for visitors who wish to escape the cold weather back home, but fall offer tourists a special time. Mild weather, a lack of annoying tourists and super deals dot the landscape. Mexican auto insurance is necessary when you cross the Mexican border. Without car insurance for Mexico, you could face serious trouble if you get into a wreck and don’t have coverage.

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Mexico has a long list of events and festivals that take place throughout the year and fall is no exception.  During September, the population celebrates Mexican Independence and some of the activities for this special time cover the entire month. During October, you can attend the Festival Cervantino which is an extremely important cultural event.  If you want to take a peek at the Mexican culture and learn to understand it, you should try and attend the festivities surrounding the Day of the Dead.


By the time fall comes around, the rainy season should be coming to an end throughout most of the country.  This allows you to enjoy the lush greenery without having to worry about getting soaked.


For those travelers without children, this is the perfect time to take a romantic break, since you can score great deals on luxury accommodations. You will also receive unbelievable service and attention and when you go sightseeing, you will not have to wait in lines and fight to get to see what interests you. Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance allows you to drive on the toll highways!

What kind of Mexican auto insurance should you purchase?

If you intend driving your vehicle to Mexico, you should not forget to purchase car insurance for Mexico. You are bound by law to purchase coverage if you intend using the roads in Mexico. There are two basic types of Mexican auto insurance you can purchase – liability only or full coverage.  Liability only will not offer cover for any injury or damage you suffer, but it will cover third party damages and injury.  If you opt for full cover, you and the other people involved in the accident will be covered

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Adina Devivo

Planning ahead of time is more difficult than traveling itself. But if you seek Mexican insurance right away, you’re gaining security right from the start.

Bette Vanduyn

A Mexico insurance policy assures you of accident or emergency road coverage so you can walk around to visit open-air and flea markets.

Doug Ellenberger

Be responsible enough in scoping your route prior to driving. Be familiarized with the landmarks as well as complicated intersections in Mexico.

Evia Blough

We’re planning to take a 2-week vacation in Mexico and be there in October. What’s the weather like in Mexico in October?

Linden Gray

The weather is cooling down a little, less humid in central and southern regions. Less tourism. Still excellent.

Maisha Patch

It’s always smart to purchase online for Mexican insurance.

Leandra Dyson

Fewer crowds are expected to go to Mexico during fall. The fall season therefore has better deals and take advantage of what is inexpensively offered.

Aiko Headley

One of the reasons why I keep visiting this city is the people. Ladies in Mexico are attractively beautiful and polite.


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