Visiting Rocky Point In Mexico

May 21, 2014
Michael Ryan

Summer inRocky Point  Mexico
Rocky Point is a beautiful Mexican destination that is only a few hours’ drive away.  You will have several places to visit and can enjoy the markets and fresh seafood that is available.  Before you set out on your travels to Rocky Point, you should take care of a few things.

Make sure that you carry your passport or passport card with you.  You should also carry your vehicle ownership papers with you, and obtain Mexican car insurance before you leave home.  Your current car insurance is not valid when you travel by road in Mexico. You can get your Mexican insurance policy here.

To ensure that you obtain the best Mexican vehicle insurance, you can opt to speak to your current provider or you can go online, make some comparisons and quite easily purchase the insurance.  You will have to make a choice between liability only and comprehensive cover.  What you choose will depend on the length of your visit, your budget and your personal needs.  One of the most important factors of buying Mexican auto insurance is that you purchase it from a reputable provider.  Once you have finalized your purchase, you should print the policy documents in both Spanish and English and carry it with you.

Old Port

Old port is where you go if you are looking to eat, shop and visit bars.  This is the region that you will most likely end up in if you are not going to go boating, swimming, lie on the beak or take a nap.  You will get a wonderful view of the resorts and condos being erected on the shore.

There are several references to Arizona in Rocky Point.  This is because so many of the visitors to the area hail from Phoenix, to the point where many of the convenience stores and motels have Arizona as part of their name.


If you intend shopping in the Old Port region, you should be prepared to negotiate.  Many visitors do not like haggling over price, but it could mean the difference between being overcharged and getting a bargain.


It is not necessary that you know how to speak Spanish as almost everyone is able to communicate in English.


Many of the businesses in Rocky Point accept US dollars, so you may not need to take pesos with you or exchange your dollars.  If you make use of your credit card, you should check the slip to see which currency the total is quoted in.


Rocky Point is very popular for water activities.  That means you can go for boat rides, fishing charters, sunset cruises, jet skiing and parasailing.  If you do not like fishing, you can obtain fresh seafood at the pier in the Old Port section.  Do not forget to take your cooler bag with you if you intend buying fresh seafood.  You will be charged by the pound for your purchases, so try to buy your fish without ice.

A visit to Rocky Point is a trip to look forward to.  You will be able to enjoy the beach, eat fresh seafood and buy lovely items at a very good price.  Before you leave home, make sure all your paperwork is in an accessible place and above all, make sure that you have valid Mexican car insurance.

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Mindi Lard

It is bonus if you came for a visit to Mexico during a National holiday, as this may lead you to a very exciting day ahead. You should extend your package plan in case you get into an unexpected event.

Veronica Erion

If you truly want to accommodate yourself for a finest vacation plan then Mexico is the absolute destination, thus this requires you to have Mexican auto insurance before making any further commitments.

Hildred Coppedge

It is safe to travel with Mexican insurance it will assist you with best coverage as well as help you in your most needed time.

Cordelia Bonhomme

Mexico comes alive at night, filled with many tourists to observe different celebrations which is an eye candy for both young and old. Mexican auto insurance is compulsory now.

Kristel Overton

Tourist has been fascinated by viewing the great migration of gray whales south at Baja , a must visit place however Mexican auto insurance helps you provide with accurate assistance to this gorgeous location.

Rosella Aragon

Don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol as this will fog your concentration on road crossing rocky point and beach sides, you may get into trouble if you get caught by highway officials. Don’t forget to buy Mexican insurance.

Arla Langdon

Like any wonderful place, criminals take advantage of it. Mexico is no exception. I enjoyed being in Mexico and keep on returning as this is my sixth time. Just be up-to-date with latest news and avoid strange roads, strange gangs or strange people requesting you for a lift of their luggage.

Katelin Scarborough

Self-driving to Rocky Point from US is such a great adventure. You get to witness changing landscapes and marvelous beauty of nature. However, your car can easily develop mechanical problem along the way. Having a full cover with Roadside Assistance is the best thing to do.

Henry Sabatino

It’s a smart decision if you want to stay longer in Mexico. The place is absolutely beautiful and filled with so much fun activities.

Ileana Amorim

Many people say that the natives of Rocky Point are very kind and polite people and many tourists really attest to this. I really believe that so!

Marisela Acuna

These days, unexpected storms can happen any time of the year which may interrupt traveling. So be prepared to experience storms and hurricanes in Mexico.

Silva Keener

Mexico car insurance is mandatory in Mexico. The law requires foreign plated cars to have Mexican liability car insurance.


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