Want To Get Married in Mexico? Here Are Some Beginner’s Tips

February 15, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexico insurance from MexInsuranceStore.com


If you plan on getting married in the near future, obviously you want to have a dream wedding, but might not be able to afford one. Have you ever considered Mexico? Buy a Mexican insurance policy ahead of time so you can check out the different locations in person. With many five-star resorts and other luxurious destinations only an hour or so away from the border, you can pull off the kind of expensive wedding you can share on social media without spending a lot of money. Pick up Mexican auto insurance at MexInsuranceStore.com before taking off.

Where should you head?

Where you want to get married depends heavily on what type of wedding you want to have. If you choose a place close to the border, you don’t necessarily have to worry about hosting your guests, which can save money that can go towards your honeymoon. The smaller towns close to the touristy resorts usually offer a more authentic experience, and are significantly cheaper as well.

However, if your heart is set on a dream wedding, fewer places are more romantic than say, the luxurious resorts of the Baja California coast. (I’m sure there’s plenty of people in Cancun that would disagree with me) And you can’t beat the value for money: Even if you pull out all the stops, lobster, the best champagne, etc., a dream wedding in Mexico is significantly cheaper than a traditional wedding in the States. The official Mexico tourism page has a guide covering everything you need to know about getting married in Mexico that’s a must read.

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Mexican Insurance Policy is Required by Mexican Law! 

Don’t forget about the paperwork side of things as well. In Mexico, you need a marriage license and a civil ceremony before you can legally get married.  Take the time early to get these formalities taken off so you can focus on the ceremony. Also remember to bring your tourist visa.

Also important: Tell your guests before heading to Mexico to buy Mexican auto insurance , so everyone is driving in the country legally. The last thing you need is your best man or another member of your wedding party getting into an accident and possibly derailing the ceremony. If someone forgets to buy coverage after they have already left, they can always use a smartphone to purchase Mexico insurance from MexInsuranceStore.com on the road.



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Matilda Harju

My motorbike got involved in a minor accident in Mexico; nevertheless, the damage was pretty bad. I was lucky because it was transported back to my country for free as I was covered by Mexican insurance.

Denisha Nusbaum

I’ve involved in an accident before, so I know the significance of having your vehicle insured. If I plan to go to Mexico, I’ll make sure that I’ll get proper Mexico insurance coverage for my vehicle.

Lilian Wattley

Apart from buying the Mexican auto insurance I guess I just have to abide by their rules about pets. I will groom my dog a day before heading to Mexico, just in case the officers decide to check him at the border.

Len Sybert

One of the reasons for me to visit Baja is because it has a very nice temperature. You’re right – it’s not too warm, not to cold either. When I was there for a week, I drove all around with confidence as I’ve bought the Mexican car insurance already.

Omer Mercuri

I don’t understand why some drivers are still reluctant to buy the Mexican auto insurance. Getting is easy and it’s cheap. Going into Mexico legally is no problem for me.

Marvis Pilgrim

I’ve learned my lesson regarding Mexican auto insurance. I thought it was okay to buy the insurance when I reach the border. It turned out that I got no option but to buy the most expensive policy.

Judy Pattillo

My brother bought his Mexican insurance from your website. When I compared the policy he bought, what he got was of a higher value than those offered in other online shops. Keep up the good work, I’ll support you by recommending family and friends.

Ursula Mcquay

Prepare your Mexican insurance when visiting Chapultepec Park. This park is a fantastic place to visit in Mexico. Anywhere in the park you will spot a host of entertainments for kids, adults and the whole family.

Francesco Cleland

There are tactics to lower the expenses in Mexico. Family reunions can give you some ways to lower the cost up to 50%. How? Seek advice from your Mexico insurance provider.

Chan Mccullough

Before heading to Mexico, make sure you have Mexican auto insurance. Forgetting it may mean a terrible driving experience awaits you. Always be reminded that you need it badly every time you drive.

Chase Breeze

Many people think of buying real estate in Mexico. They can purchase a secondhand property to be used in vacation or owning it for a permanent residence in Mexico.

Elwood Gabel

Typically, Mexico is the right tropical place for beach weddings and other memorable occasions.

Lanny Barranco

A successful wedding event is the result of good planning. But to make things perfect, every detail should be addressed including your guests’ safety by purchasing quality Mexico car insurance.

Kristel Overton

Take advantage of technology and the internet. You can figure out which Mexico car insurance company can be trusted.


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