Why American Tourists Need A Mexican Auto Insurance Policy

May 06, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

If you are from the United States, and you want to take a drive to Mexico, then you will need a Mexican auto insurance policy.

Some do not take this advice and refuse to get one prior to entering Mexico only to end up regretting their decision. Many shrug off when told to buy locally issued Mexican car insurance since they fail to realize the importance of getting one.

The importance of getting a Mexican auto insurance

If you are one of those who would like to drive to Mexico, then consider the following information.

  • The Mexican government does not recognize US or Canadian auto insurance.
  • The majority if not all Canadian and US auto insurers do not pay for the physical damages that the vehicle incurred while in Mexican soil.
  • The Mexican authorities may hold a person who does not have a Mexican auto insurance policy and will be stopped from leaving the country regardless if they need medical attention from their home country or not.

It is quite common for some to think that they will get to save money for their trip by refusing to buy locally issued Mexican auto insurance. But accidents do happen and they are not foreseen. So, it is best to be prepared for any unpredictable events such as theft or vehicular accidents. You can purchase a Mexican auto insurance policy from this MexInsurancestore link.

If you are not yet convinced on why you should spend for Mexican car insurance, then consider the example below.

Real life example

An American went all the way to Baja, Mexico from California by driving his pick-up.  He only wanted to visit some friends and drink some tequila.

The US citizen did not purchase a Mexican auto insurance policy prior to his trip. He justified his non-purchase by saying he did not have much time and he would only be in Mexico for two days.

The poor guy, however, accidentally bumped into the back of a Sedan just near his friend’s place.  He was detained by the Mexican police after finding out that he did not have locally-issued Mexican car insurance policy.

The American guy had to wait until his friends can raise the money to bail him out. Plus, his vehicle was impounded.

Can you imagine just how much hassle it was for the guy to stay in the police station? The planned get-together with Mexican friends for some fun and drinking turned into a reunion party of friends in a Mexican police station.

Mexican auto Insurance

Moral of the story

The poor guy had to wait for hours inside a police station; that was time wasted for him since he was only staying in the country for two days.

But what really hurt for the guy was that he needed to pay for the damages to the sedan he bumped plus the cost of getting his vehicle back. These costs are on top of the amount he will spend for the repair of his own vehicle and the cost of getting him out of Mexican police station. It is mandatory to have a Mexican auto insurance policy in the state of Baja, after all.

So what did the guy learn? He scrimped and made several justifications on why he does not need to purchase Mexican issue car insurance. But he later realized his mistake and found out that a local insurance for cars in the country does not cost much—only around $30 since he was only staying for less than three days.

The poor guy also learned that it only takes a couple of minutes—around five minutes to get a Mexican auto insurance policy.

So, those who want to travel to Mexico by land should take the time to buy themselves some good quality Mexican auto insurance.

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Christian Baptiste

The big movement of travelers crossing the US/Mexico border results to health issues, especially infectious illnesses. It takes extra caution to avoid getting sick and enjoy your vacation in Mexico. Have Mexican insurance with you if driving.

Elanor Cousins

Since Mexico is prone to car crashes, only Mexican insurance is available to give you financial protection. Your US car insurance, whether big or small, is NOT something you can rely on.

Keesha Helm

You can’t legally drive to Mexico without the required Mexican auto insurance. So far, Mexican Insurance Store has the best policy offers online and prices in their quotes are reasonably low.

Ludivina Calhoun

For quick, cheap & easy Mexican insurance, request for quote from Mexican insurance store. Review other leading insurers in Mexico and pick your best choice.

Tamiko Ybarra

Because quotes are not the same, a little time of scrutiny is worthwhile. After all, you’re the one who will benefit when unavoidable incidents happen while driving. Having Mexican auto insurance would make it easy for us to seek emergency assistance when need arise.

Alva Shinn

By picking the long-term Mexican insurance, your entire year is already protected. Readily, this kind of policy is available at Mexican Insurance Store. Once covered, you can head off to Mexico and you enjoy each day of the year!

Chong Lopes

Mexican Insurance Store is a great source of information. They’ve got travel tips to Baja and other tourist destinations. Be guided on the places and activities you want to do in Mexico.

Chanelle Taber

While a car accident is a disaster, it’s more terrifying if the car you own isn’t insured. Your insurance is the only protection you have if the unexpected becomes inescapable. So get insured with Mexican auto insurance before entering Mexico!

Shanika Talley

Best coverage comes from one of the most trusted car insurers on the market. Mexico Insurance Store offers low price with fast and reliable claim services. A real-time quote will be sent in few minutes.

Eusebia Esperanza

Getting ready for Mexico is to pack your stuff early. What’s included in your packing is insuring your car with Mexican insurance.

Jayna Nagao

Good health is a must especially when travelling. But travelling can be unhealthy if you drive a car without Mexico insurance.

Evangeline Heitz

Mexico law is clear – to be able to enter Mexico and drive there, you need at least Mexican insurance. It’s pretty easy to purchase one from this website.

Sarah Pawlik

Consider purchasing Mexican auto insurance. This insurance is vital in Mexico because your US insurance is not valid to cover you.

Idalia Whitmore

Vacations are for relaxation and full fun. However, misery can happen if you don’t take the necessary steps in preparing your car before hitting the road.


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