Plan A Trip To The Xochicalco Ruins in Mexico

October 02, 2014
Michael Ryan
Xochicalco pyramids

Xochicalco pyramids

The ancient ruins of Xochicalco are a fantastic opportunity to visit a historical site which was inhabited between 200 and 900 AD.  It includes an observatory, temples and an outstanding museum.

The city was originally founded during 200 AD.  It became an important city and around 700 AD was thriving.  It was regarded as a military area and the warriors governed it.  The patron saint of the city was Tlaloc, the God of Rain.  Archaeological evidence that has been found indicates that during 900 AD, the city was either abandoned or destroyed, possibly burned down.  However, the locals appear to have been aware of the city and treated the ruins as sacred.  The city was lost during the Spanish colonial era.


This was a medium-sized city with inhabitants from both the Aztecs and the Mayans.  Since the city was located along the main trading routes, it became a meld of different cultures.  The artifacts that have been discovered indicate that different cultures may have resided in the city.  It was hidden for centuries, but was later found when archaeologists started excavating in the area.  It is a fascinating site to visit, although visitors are not allowed to visit the entire ruined area.  Some of the tunnels which were used as links to the buildings are closed to visitors, however most of the ruins can be explored and viewed.


It is quite easy to get to Xochicalco from Cuernavaca or Mexico City.  There are regular buses that go to the ruins.  If you do not wish to drive yourself, you can opt for a touring agency which will provide you with a guide and van.  Tour guides are recommended as the site is not very well signposted.  The signs in the museum are mainly displayed in Spanish.

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Temple of the Feathered Serpent

Xochicalco Temple Inscriptions

Driving in Mexico with a valid Mexican  insurance policy will offer you the opportunity to visit other areas as well.  If you go to the ancient ruins of Xochicalco, you may want to consider taking a trip to Taxco, a colonial town situated close to the ruins.  This town is known for its jewelry.

It should take you about half a day to view the ruins, the museum, acropolis, ball court and temple.  You will be able to obtain special gifts from the on-site gift store, however, there is no real place for you to have a meal.

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