You Can Conveniently Travel With Your Baby to Mexico

March 17, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

You can still enjoy your annual holiday in Mexico even when you have a small baby. It also does not matter if it is your first trip ever to Mexico. Mexico is a friendly country and so it is unlikely there will be cause for you to take to your heels holding your delicate baby. Here are some things you can do to make your travel even smoother:

  • Organize your paper work in advance. That paperwork includes your Passport, or a document showing your residential status in Canada or the US.
  • If you will be driving your personal car or a rental car, remember to include your Driving License in your folder.
  • Once you get your tourist card and your temporary car import permit at the border point, add your tourist card to the rest of the paperwork; and wait for the officers to stick your car import permit on your windshield.
  • Your car insurance policy should also be with you.
  • In case you do not want to drive until you enter Mexico, you can take a direct flight from Canada to Mexico at a very reasonable cost.

When you have all the paperwork well organized, you do not feel inconvenienced when the Police demand to see any documentation. If the baby is asleep as you forward the required document, its sleep is not interrupted as there is no paper shuffling involved.

Shall we get baby items in Mexico?

Of course, Mexico is developed and advanced. Business in Mexico flourishes just as well as in the US or Canada. Shops are well stocked and most baby items you buy back home are imported into Mexico. Even when it comes to vehicle spare parts, many international manufacturers have dealers in Mexico; so you need not worry about purchases.

Is the weather and environment good for baby?

Mexico is one of the countries with the best weather. It is warm all year round. It is fine to bask on the calm beaches and even spread some cloth on the soft coral sand and play with baby.



Precautions you need to take:

  • Organize the baby to have a Hepatitis A vaccination

It is good for the baby to have the shot about ten days before the trip, so that it will have taken effect on the day of travel.

  • Make sure to check out the availability of the vaccine since it sometimes runs out in some areas. In fact, it may even be a good idea to have the baby vaccinated for Hepatitis A one month before your travel date.
  • Make prior arrangements on how you will be picked from the airport to your hotel. In fact, while traveling with baby, a full travel package would be the best choice.
  • Remember to carry some hand sanitizers and extra wipes to ensure you handle the baby in a hygienic way. You also need to keep cleaning the baby’s hands along the way, especially when you want to give it something to eat.
  • Although you will, of necessity, have your auto insurance in place, it will also serve you well as a family to have your medical insurance in place. When it comes to medical issues, it does not have to be Mexican like the car insurance.
  • Carry suitable clothing for the baby, taking into account that Mexico has higher temperatures that Canada. A sun suit, sunglasses and even a hat will come in handy. You may need a similar set of wear too.

To protect baby from direct sunlight, it is best that you carry long sleeved outfits so that you are not tempted to use sunscreen on the baby. Whereas sunscreen is not harmful to baby when applied, it is good to avoid using it in case the baby leaks its body and swallows some traces of chemical.

Be Sure to Get Your Mexican Auto Insurance

If you decide to rent a car for your internal travel, ensure it is properly insured for third party liability. This cover should be bought from a Mexican auto insurance company as is the law.You can purchase your Mexican car insurance at the border or online but buying it at the border is the most expensive option. You can save on your Mexican auto insurance by purchasing from this link. It is good if you can make rental arrangements beforehand so that you can ask to get a child safety seat availed.

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Pamella Bergman

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Rudy Dobson

There is nothing that thrills my little daughter than whale watching. Whenever I have a vacation, I always drive her down South into Mexico just for her to enjoy her adventure. Getting Mexican insurance policy online makes my trip preparation much easier.

Toshia Moe

The scenic landscape, welcoming people, rich authentic culture and historic sites make Mexico a unique place to spend your holiday. You never get worn out of new places to visit. You can drive on and on to ever new scenic spots. But, don’t forget to extend your Mexican insurance coverage should you stay longer than planned.

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Mexican insurance coverage offers property damage and body injury protections. It is a clear proof of having financial responsibility which is a legal requirement in Mexican law.

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Choosing auto insurance will not just protect you against financial issues. It will also support your loved ones of any untoward incidents.

Deidre Wiles

If you forgot to buy Mexican insurance online, your iPhone is the next thing to use to get covered before reaching the border.

Tennille Layne

Your Mexican insurance should be your partner in traveling. Remember that Mexico is strict in imposing their law that car insurance is a must for all people who drive.


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