A Conversation with Spock About Mexican Insurance

March 04, 2014
Michael Ryan

A Conversation with Spock About Mexican Insurance

Whether or not you are a Trekkie, it’s easy to have a good laugh at some of Spock’s famous sayings. It’s not such a laugh if you enter Mexico without Mexican insurance from MexInsuranceStore.com. Forgetting to buy Mexico insurance online can be a problem, as evidenced in this hypothetical scenario.

With Spock as your co-pilot on your trip to Mexico, you might expect him to remind you that you’ve passed the point of no return, missing the last opportunity to get your Mexican car insurance policy.

“Captain, what are you doing?”

Having crossed the border without coverage, you are faced with a Mexico point of purchase.

“That would be unwise.”

Aw, come on, Spock. I don’t really need coverage.

“Insufficient facts always invite danger.”

Just to keep you quiet, Spock, I’ll buy Mexico insurance online with MexInsuranceStore.com from my smartphone.

Will that keep you quiet?

“It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.”

I will print my documents out when we reach the motel. Hopefully, we won’t have any problems before then.

“This is highly illogical. Random chance seems to have operated in our favor.”

Hey, Spock, that wasn’t so bad. The cost was decent too. I’ll remember MexInsuranceStore.com policies before we cross the border next time!

“Change is the essential process of all existence.”

Yes, I guess I didn’t really think about the others on the road. It wouldn’t be very good to have an accident without enough coverage to address the interests of all parties.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

I thought you were kidding when you said Mexican insurance from MexInsuranceStore.com was important.

“Vulcans never bluff.”

I wonder if you need insurance to drive on Vulcan. It’s been nice traveling with you, Spock.

“Live long and prosper.”

Don’t Forget Your Mexican Insurance from MexInsuranceStore.com.

Although it might be easy to get your trip underway and to forget your coverage, remember that Mexico insurance online with MexInsuranceStore.com allows you to handle details early, before you hit warp speed.

Additionally, online access provides you with a way to save the day if you get across the border without coverage. It’s illegal to drive in Mexico without sufficient coverage, and you can face some serious jail time if you are responsible for an accident and uninsured.

Mexican insurance from MexInsuranceStore.com

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Sixta Amerman

For all this while I’ve only heard the sound of flute from the radio. When I was in Mexico two weeks ago, driving with a few friends using my car after we bought the Mexican car insurance, we stopped by at a musical instrument shop and heard the sound of flute, live, for the first time. It was so very beautiful.

Karin Hartfield

If not for the Texan war I guess the area won’t be as famous as today. In short, there is goodness behind what had happened. By the way, I am heading to Mexico in two days’ time. I will buy the Mexican auto insurance from you.

Mayme Bashore

It would be a memorable experience if we could be introduced to these different ethnics and learn their culture. Who knows they might want to share personal stories about their ancestors when they first arrived in Mexico.

Fidela Lainez

I’ve noticed that the Day of the Dead was not all about parties and gatherings. In Oaxaca the shopping place was filled with tourists and also the locals and the atmosphere seemed so alive and joyful. I was glad that I’ve bought the Mexican auto insurance; with it I could travel all over Mexico with confidence.

Clifton Belin

No wonder why many people choose to spend their golden days in Mexico – the cost of living there is two third less than in the U.S. or Canada! That’s really cheap! I am thinking of retiring in Mexico as well. After all, Mexican insurance is very cheap, I can buy it anytime with ease.

Arletta Saling

Thinking about Mexico gives me a calming effect. I love everything about this country. Last year I bought Mexican auto insurance and traveled all around Baja. It was great.

Mi Galbraith

Mexico insurance for Tucson residents is a requirement as it has been legally notified so that they can easily prove their identity when crossing the border.

Kendrick Litwin

You Mexico insurance company can give you list of outdoor activities in Mexico. Activities include adventures, best experiences and helpful tips to learn more about Mexico.

Dorthy Schiele

Turning into a great city for the locals, Tijuana offers a fresh generation of high escapades for performers, chefs and trendsetters. No wonder why people swarm around Mexico every year.

Lannie Brickley

Prior to entering the border, you need car insurance to prevent likely potential issues. It’s advisable to get insured, even for short-term Mexican insurance.

Carlee Damico

Known for its beautiful beaches, Rosarito Beach is ideal for those visiting Mexico for the first time. Make your beach adventure practical with Mexican insurance.

Christie Burbank

Typically in Mexico, people are enjoying those full-colored and uninhibited festivities to really express how joyful and cheerful people are!

Debera Limberg

It’s smart to think ahead about health needs because getting sick can put a discouragement on your family vacation.

Deborah Stefan

Pharmacy personnel are more than happy to help travelers in case of unexpected health problems.

Lin Jara

How well you pack your stuff defines whether your travelling is hassle-free or not. Just keep in mind to always pack small things and pack them light.


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