Be Prepared For Medical Emergencies With A Mexican Car Insurance Policy

March 21, 2014
Michael Ryan

In the same way as a car accident in the U.S. or Canada may end with you lying in a hospital bed, the same can happen to you in Mexico.  If you are involved in an accident, you are at high risk of requiring medical attention.  This can only turn into a crisis if you are completely unprepared for the event. The first thing to do is to buy a Mexican car insurance policy.

To overcome any potential problems, you should have a strategy in place to help you when you are in an emergency situation.

The first thing is to know how to ask for help.  Most of the locals in Mexico speak Spanish, but there are those who are very fluent in English.  You should take the time to learn some basic Spanish, such as where to find a bank, police, doctor or hospital.  

Another problem you may face while in Mexico is the effect of the food you eat on your well-being.  The spices can wreak havoc on your digestive system.  If you are not accustomed to eating this type of food, you may find that you end up with diarrhea, gas or stomach cramps.  To avoid this type of problem, you should make sure to pack indigestion pills.  That should sort out your problem.  If you find that you are experiencing painful symptoms for a period longer than 24 hours, you should immediately see a doctor.

You should do some research on hospitals in the area you intend traveling to.  Your health insurance policy will stipulate the coverage you have available when you travel to Mexico.  If you are unsure, place a call to your health insurance company before you leave home and ask them to clarify what is covered by your policy.  You also need to confirm if there are particular hospitals you should use that will be covered by your insurance policy. 

Make sure you are fully aware of the documentation you will require in the case of a medical emergency.  That single phone call to your health insurance provider could save you a lot of pain, inconvenience, and possible years of misery if you are unable to receive adequate medical care.

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, you will need coverage not only for medical care, but also for the effects of the accident on your vehicle.  You will also need a Mexican auto insurance policy that covers damage to third parties.  You must make sure that your Mexican car insurance policy offers you adequate coverage for all these events.  If you do not have suitable coverage, you may spend most of your holiday in a jail cell.

Many people experience illness when they are on vacation.  The adventurous ones often return home with broken bones and a lot of bruises.  Others may find that they spend most of their vacation in bed with an upset stomach, heat exhaustion or headaches.  You should take the time to ensure that you carry a fully-stocked first aid kit and make sure that you have adequate health insurance cover and car insurance cover.

Don’t leave without buying a Mexican car insurance policy at !

If you do not want to sleep inside of a Mexican jail, it’s wise to remember that you are legally required to carry car insurance for Mexico. You can buy a Mexican car insurance policy  from  Even a minor fender bender can have serious implications if you forget to buy a Mexican car insurance policy. So don’t take chances.

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Katlyn Coppola

Canadians residents have made a hobby for themselves to visit Mexican resorts and coastal areas to be refreshed and be entertained with delicate cuisines, similarly applying for a premium package plan from Mexican insurance store would allow them to get exclusive discounts.

Wynona Marlow

Expect the unexpected and protect yourself from accidents and verification of your identity while you enjoy your stay in Mexico as a result Mexican insurance provides the best policy for customer satisfaction.

Cordelia Arce

Although liability-only cover is the cheaper option when going to Mexico, it is prudent to have your car fully covered so that in case of accident, you can claim compensation for its damage.

Griselda Fullerton

The best way to have a piece of mind while travelling in a foreign country is to minimize all possible risks. As you self-drive in Mexico, the greatest risk is that of accident. Have your car insured.

Tanja Reece

Mexican auto insurance policy comes in various forms; liability-only and full cover, but also various riders such as Road Assistance, Medical Assistance and Legal Assistance come with it. As a rule of thumb while self-driving in a foreign land, I always go for full coverage and make sure Road and Medical Assistance are part of it.

Antone Whaley

If you encountered accident while driving in Mexico, you will be put to police station. Authorities will figure out the person at fault. You will be considered at fault unless you prove otherwise.Just remember Mexican insurance

Jerrie Digangi

In Mexico, tap water shouldn’t be drunk everywhere. You will never have any trouble in Mexico if you follow this tip.

Tara Snipes

Getting covered by Mexican Insurance Store is worth every penny you pay. It ensures that the amount of money you give is an investment for you and your family.

Hal Koening

Take a break this fall and commune with nature. Visit the Biosphere Reserve in Michoacan, Mexico this autumn. Bring a good camera to take photos.

Corliss Awad

Tourism is Mexico’s pillar economy. Great to be there as the country’s main concern is to give people more protection and securities.

Dillon Jaynes

If you want to be trouble-free while taking a vacation in Mexico, drive with Mexican insurance. Car insurance coverage at home, unfortunately, isn’t recognized.

Lera Haas

Adequate Mexican car insurance protects your money in the event of a car collision. You’ll pay for the damages if you are the one at fault because they will hold you.

Tora Randolph

Don’t leave your first aid kit. A small kit with medicine is needed when traveling. Who wants severe headaches and stomach pain in the first place!

Etha Hasan

For maximized legal help in case of an accident, always keep enough liability limits for your Mexican insurance coverage.

Dannette Lebow

Mexican Insurance Store is a good source of car coverage. They can offer you roadside and travel assistance coverage. No harm in being interested in the first place.


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