Beaches And Mountain Ranges In Mexico

December 08, 2014
Michael Ryan


Mexico is bordered in the south by Guatemala and Belize, and in the north, by the US.  It is Central America’s largest country and citizens are able to watch the sun come up over the coasts of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and watch it set over the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California.  The overall square mileage of the country is in excess of 750 and it includes a range of islands.

Taking time out for a trip to this beautiful country is well worth the preparation and all the paperwork you need to get in order.  Before you leave for Mexico, you should ensure that all your paperwork is in order because you could end up in a lot of trouble if you do not.  You will of course require a passport to enter the country and a visa, depending on your country of origin.

If you intend traveling through Mexico by car, you need to prove ownership of the vehicle and proof of insurance.  All these documents have to be issued under the same name.  If you already have car insurance in your country, you need to buy Mexican car insurance to travel on the roads in Mexico.  Your current insurance is invalid.  You can purchase Mexican auto insurance online or at the border post, although buying online is the most effective and cheapest method. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this URL.


The northern territories of Mexico are desert regions, with the Sonora desert going all the way down into Baja, with the Chihuahua desert going along the border in the north.  The Chihuahua Desert is extended by the Sierra Madre Occidental on one side, which extends for more than half of the country’s Pacific side.  The Sierra Madre Oriental goes along the opposite flank of Mexico and both mountain ranges go into the Volcanic Belt which divides the midsection in the south.




Baja is based in the north western parts of the country and is the third longest peninsula in the world.  The Gulf of California divides the mainland and Baja Peninsula, which is divided into two states, known as Baja California Sur and Baja California.


The southern landscape is dominated by the Sierra Madre del Sur until it comes to an end at Tehuantepec.  This isthmus links the low lying Yucatan Peninsula and the highland of the Chiapas to Mexico.  The capital city of Oaxaca is Oaxaca City, which is famed for its architecture and art.  The state is surrounded by Veracruz in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the south, Guerrero in the west and Puebla in the north-west.  The state boasts 16 indigenous cultures that all have their own unique customs, traditions and languages.  The largest populations are the Mazatecos, the Mixtecs and the Zapotecs.

Mexico offers tourists exactly what they seek.  If you are looking for pristine, white-sand beaches, there are many for you to choose from.  If you love the mountains, you can quite easily reach them.  There are ancient ruins to visit, archaeological sites to see and of course, a multitude of resorts for the whole family.  All you have to ensure is that you have all the required paperwork and do not forget your Mexican vehicle insurance as it is extremely important.

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Ma Zielinski

I always make sure that my Mexican auto insurance is valid. It’s active throughout my stay in Mexico. At least, I know I am covered if someone plows into me.

Mohammed Ratliff

I have peace of mind every time I drive my car in Mexico. I know I have the road protection I need. Learning the features of this Mexico insurance helps me know the coverage I want to get.

Bonita Dove

I met an accident in Mexico and I was subject to the legal requirement. My Mexico insurance was helpful. I was able to buy it before entering Mexico. I discovered that my policy covered the extended and limited physical damage like collision.

Karma Rodrigue

Probably, a short-term policy fits my needs because it will only be a weekend getaway for me. Can’t wait to see Mexico and spend a couple of days for great fun. Take your Mexican auto insurance online for a safe trip.

Carey Grantham

Create some magical moments together. A two-day honeymoon is already unforgettable, making the most of your time together.

Arron Adamek

Can’t wait to use a driverless car! It’s something new and I believe there’s less hassles using it. I’ve seen a lot of these cars out there.

Treasa Vandermolen

Secure a long-term Mexico insurance policy if you are spending more than 21 days in Mexico to avoid facing serious issues brought by accidents.

Nannie Beggs

Cancun Mexico offers more than just festivities for wild spring break. This amazing paradise is always begging to be explored.

Nikki Guiterrez

Whether your coverage is expensive or cheap, what authorities want to see is your Mexican insurance. Price doesn’t matter at all.

Elise Deberry

Minor medications and treatments are pretty affordable in Mexico. However, accidents that need confinement and hospitalization may be expensive. Good if you have Mexican auto insurance.

Olinda Batchelor

In general, the cost of Mexican insurance is not very costly compared to normal car insurance like American insurance.

Marna Marble

A safe and smooth traveling can be done anywhere provided there’s careful planning and organizing. And speaking of planning, it’s wise to travel with the perfect Mexico auto insurance.


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