The Best Street Foods In Mexico City

October 20, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexican FoodThe street food in Mexico is some of the best you will find worldwide.  This was displayed by the pleasant surprise the Spaniards received when they arrived in Mexico and found ready-to-eat food for sale in the markets and streets.

Not much has changed over the past few hundred years and Mexican life is still combined with street food.  When you visit Mexico City, you will find thousands of stalls selling a wide variety of tasty meals.  The choices are so wide and varied, that it may be a good idea to garner some knowledge about what is available.


This is a traditional breakfast snack and the literal translation of its name is ‘wrapped in a leaf’.  These lovely pockets of corn dough were first prepared for the warring Mayan and Aztec tribes.  It contains either savory or sweet fillings, which are wrapped either in corn husks or in banana leaves, and steamed.  Tamales is often eaten with a specific drink, atole, which is a thick, lukewarm drink, made from a base of corn, with different flavors added.


Carnitas is a pork dish which is simmered or braised until it is tender.  Most of the stands selling this delicacy make use of the whole pig, which means you should be aware of the different parts of the animal before you order, or you may well end up with the intestine or stomach.  The meat is sprinkled with chopped coriander leaves, salsa and diced onion.

Chili Fruit

After being tempted by all the wonderful aromas and tastes of the different food, you may need a drink.  There is nothing more refreshing than a cup of freshly sliced mango to settle your stomach.  Be aware that most of the vegetables and fruit in Mexico are normally doused quite freely with chili powder and lime juice, which is not bad because it is extremely tasty.

To ensure that you obtain the best food, you should be selective of the stand you use.  You should look for stands where there are workers or kids as this is more than likely where the best tasting food is available.  Ensure that the stand appears to be clean and whoever takes your money is not also the cook.  If you get a strange smell from the stand, try the next one.

Mexican Insurance

The mobile food stands open quite early in the morning and as soon as they have sold their stock, they close.  So make sure that you arrive bright and early for your meal.

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Mexico is obviously the favorite place to take cooking classes. It’s known for its outstanding culinary records with really delightful dishes to offer.

Hiroko Greek

You’ll never know which vendors really follow the right food handling with hygienic process. If unsure, it’s safer not to eat street foods sold everywhere.

Mindi Seedorf

In visiting a friend in another country, there might be a few culture differences. Mexico has tons of cultural practices that you may find acceptable.

Lizbeth Hudgens

Visit any of Mexico’s city markets and you will spot vendors selling range of freshly ground mole powder.

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