Buying Mexican Auto Insurance Online Versus Buying At The Border

January 12, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

The Internet has made everyone’s life so much easier.  It is possible to find information and buy almost anything you require with very little effort.  If you consider the queues you can avoid by shopping and doing business online, you would choose the internet all the time.

When it comes to travel, not only can you book your flights or accommodation online, you can also make arrangements to rent a car or have your personal vehicle serviced, ready for your trip.  If you intend taking a trip to Mexico, you should not forget that you require Mexican car insurance if you are going to use the roads in the country.  Buying your Mexican auto insurance policy online will allow you to view a range of policies, with added facilities.  You will be able to enter online chat rooms where insurance experts will offer you solid advice about the available options and requirements.  All of this can be achieved without leaving your home or having to get into your car and drive somewhere to obtain Mexican vehicle insurance.

Advantages of Purchasing Mexican Insurance Online

Purchasing Mexican insurance through online websites like offers you many benefits, compared to waiting until you reach the border. You can purchase your Mexican insurance online through this link. One of the first benefits is that you can buy a policy online without leaving the comfort of your home.

You can commence purchasing your insurance policy online and if you need to go and do something else, you can do so and your policy purchase will be saved until you return.  All you need to do is continue where you left off and eventually purchase your policy.

You will have a range of options.  Aside from the actual policy, you will be able to consider the available add-ons and decide which ones would be most suitable for your trip.  You will also be able to play around with the range of options and decide on the options most suitable for your personal circumstances and budget.

Mexican Travel

You will have the opportunity to play around with the various options, before making a final decision.

You Can Still Review Your Choices

Once you have made the decisions regarding the options available, you will have the opportunity to review your choices and decide if that is exactly what you require.  You can make any changes you desire before clicking on the button to accept your final choice.  However, before you click that final purchase button, you should take the time to review the small print of the policy.  You do not want to be faced with an unexpected clause in your contract at the time when you have been involved in an accident.

Once you have made your final purchase, you should review what you are about to buy and if you are happy with it, pay for it and print at least two copies – one in English and one Spanish.

Purchasing Mexican car insurance online provides you with the opportunity to obtain a policy of your choice, without the hassle of standing in a long queue.  It also offers you better prices than what you will obtain at the border post, with more options.

If you sit down and compare the differences between buying a policy online and buying one at the border post, you will immediately realize that there are more benefits to buying online.


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Jackelyn Han

There’s nothing that can protect me better when driving outside Canada than having Mexican insurance. Since I’m away from my country, the more I need to get my car insurance. I have just insured it lately with Mexican Insurance Store.

Latonya Bermudez

I have never been to Baja. According to my neighbour, the place is perfect for a vacation. That’s the main reason why I bought Mexico insurance. I want every moment of vacation to be worry-free and filled with fun. My insurance helps me a lot.

Man Winston

When it comes to protection, car insurance is the most important thing car owners and drivers must have. I’ve got mine when I searched online. Great! I found the right policy I need. Price is low but the coverage is really good. Mexican insurance meets my needs.

Marla Gamboa

In Baja, we’ll also be heading off to the Sea of Cortez. We’ll take some pictures of various whales and do other activity fun. This could never be possible without my Mexican auto insurance. I need it to drive legitimately to Mexico.

Cassi Rutherford

It’s fast and hassle-free when you buy your Mexico insurance online. Customer service and support are superb. You can always free yourself from the chaos you might have when you buy insurance from the border.

Noelle Paterson

Buy your own Mexican insurance at this site and you will be happy. You may ask for a free quote and choose and print the right policy online.

Ena Lanham

Getting Mexican insurance online tends to be less expensive compared to border. In addition, it is easy and quick. You will save most of your time getting the right policy online than lining up in queue at the border.

Ula Tomlinson

Tijuana border driving where people cross south of San Diego into Baja is one of the busiest borders. Its busy during weekend evening or afternoon. For safety driving tips, you can ask assistance from Mexican Insurance Store.

Heike Macdonald

Mexican border is very popular because it offers Mexican insurance to tourists and travelers. Quickly you can buy Mexican insurance coverage that insures you and your car—giving you safe protection.

Beverlee Anglin

Crossing north of the border from Mexico while driving back to US will take more than a single hour during busy time—especially through weekend evenings and afternoons!

Gerry Blanford

Driving to Rocky Point requires only one thing: Mexican insurance. As long as you’re covered, your fear of driving will be reduced.

Lacresha Stacey

Buying Mexico insurance at the border is more expensive than buying online. But no choice, you have to buy one to cross the border and access Mexico.

Dann Penny

Be sure you have purchased Mexican insurance for traveling prior to crossing the border. Getting covered at the border is very frustrating and you might lose your patience.

Marielle Larsen

Once I have purchased Mexican insurance, the next thing I’ll do is drive straight to Mexico. That’s how things are made simplified by Mexico insurance.

Blaine Mayfield

Just go online to request for quotes and buy car insurance for Mexico. Truth is, the bulk of people buying coverage is directly done through the internet.

Laila Bible

Mexico insurance gives you needed protection. Get the right one for your own safety. Mexican Insurance Store offers many options.

Gary Cheung

Long patience is needed if you want to buy Mexican insurance at the border. Unfortunately, more and more travelers reach the border without car insurance and they flock in together.

Lavonna Dresser

I regret buying my Mexican auto insurance at the border. I never realized that price is more expensive compared to online buying.


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