Why Canadians Enjoy Christmas in Mexico

December 14, 2014
Michael Ryan
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Canadians are known to take holidays in Mexico especially because there are great beaches along the Pacific Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. All that Canadians do is get Mexican auto insurance for their cars, fill the gas tank and head south. Christmas is actually the season that many of them want to take refuge in the Mexican warm weather and escape the snowy winter in Toronto and other areas of Canada.

Is winter in Canada very harsh?

Winter in Canada is nothing to smile about. December to February is the season that many Canadians who have relatives and friends in the tropics get the greatest motivation to visit them.

The snow on the ground can be as deep as 7cm in places like Toronto while temperatures can be as low as -7°Celcius. During this period that no Canadian looks forward to, the average high in temperatures is just 2°Celcius.

What contrasting environment does Mexico offer Canadian visitors?

For one, Christmas carols rent the air everywhere as public celebrations take place. The aura of Christmas engulfs the locals as well as visitors alike.

  • Gladly, Mexico does not know cold in any language: it is warm all through the year. That makes Christmas irresistible to all and sundry, with all the celebrations taking place in such enjoyable weather.
  • In addition, Canadians experience a new look Christmas because, although Christmas is a universal celebration, Mexico gives it a blend of Christianity and tradition.
  • Mexicans also make their festivities communal and very lively. So, instead of family members confining themselves to their homestead and observing Christmas in private, they go out and join the rest of the community in celebration.

This is basically what to expect for Christmas in Mexico

  • Christmas, the annual celebration marking the birth of Jesus Christ, begins early in Mexico. But the most significant communal activities begin around a week before the D-day. From December 16th to December 24th, Mexicans observe a special midnight mass each day in preparation of the birth of Christ. This mass is referred to as Misa de Gallo.
  • Another big highlight is the La Posada, which is a procession where members of the community bring with them images of Jesus and his mother, Mary. What happens is that the procession goes from door to door on the eve of Christmas, re-enacting the experience of Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ father, on the day that Jesus was born. So, here, the people purport to seek shelter the way Jesus’ family did, and of course, nobody provides that for a long time.
  • On the big day, Christmas, there is the breaking of the Piñata, where children are organized to break a clay pot while in blindfolds. That pot is the one named Piñata, and it is suspended by a rope as the children undertake their pot breaking challenge. The idea is to let the gifts in the pot drop out.

What might surprise a Canadian most about a Mexican Christmas?

Mexican Travel

If you are a Canadian family taking a Christmas holiday in Mexico, your children might be shocked at first to find that talk of Santa Claus is almost non-existent. Here they have beautiful leaves in the name of Poinsettia that are central to Christmas, in place of Santa Claus. The poinsettias got their name from the US ambassador to Mexico who popularized the cuetlaxochitl plant in the 1820s. Poinsettia is a plant that goes by the botanical name, Euphorbia pulcherrima, whose literal meaning is the most beautiful Euphorbia, understandably because they blossom into beautiful red flowers.

What is the difference between the flowers and other beautiful Christmas gifts?

Your children will be excited to learn a different angle to Christmas. For example, the Poinsettia leaves and flowers are not only beautiful; they are also symbolic. Mexicans see them signifying the Star of Bethlehem that, of course, is credited with guiding the Three Wise Men to the place where Jesus lay in a manger. The color of the flowers, red, signifies the blood of Jesus the Savior, while the white of the leaves signifies Christ’s purity.

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