Climb The Highest Mountain In Mexico

September 25, 2014
Michael Ryan
Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba

El Pico de Orizaba is also known as Citlaltépetl, which means Star Mountain.  It is a beautiful volcano.  It rises over the town of Tlachichuca from the west and forms a stunning white cone.  The glacier commences at about 4900 to 5000m and covers the upper sections of the mountain.

This is the highest mountain within Mexico and the third highest mountain in North America.  It is a very good first time choice for climbing at high altitude.

Half the fun of climbing this mountain is in actually getting there.  You can choose to fly into Mexico City as you have so many options available on this route, or you can choose to start your trip to the mountain from Veracruz or Puebla.

Do Not Forget Your Mexican Insurance

Most climbers of El Pico de Orizaba opt to start from Tlachichuca.  You can take a taxi cab or use public transport, but many climbers choose to travel in a group and hire a driver for their trip.  Your group may want to drive to Mexico and use their own vehicle.  If you opt for the latter, you should ensure that you have adequate Mexican car insurance before you leave home.  You do not want an accident to be the reason why you do not climb this mountain.

When you make a choice of Mexican auto insurance, it is best to consider the add-ins as you would want to insure all your equipment as well.  To buy this insurance, all that is required is to go online and do a search.  Compare the different types of insurance from the various providers and purchase the one that best meets your needs.  You can pay for it immediately online at this link and print a couple of copies of the policy, which you should keep with you at all time whilst traveling.

Citlaltepetll from the Southeast

Southeast of Citlaltepetll

The most popular time to climb is during December, at Christmastime.  The dry season is from November to March.  It is still possible to climb during April and May, although you may experience snow and moisture on the upper section of the mountain.  You should target getting up and down before the early afternoon.  If your group is fit, you should be able to reach the summit in about six to ten hours and take half that to return to your hut.

What To Expect At The Basecamp

The Pedra Grande Hut is at basecamp.  It is a large building which can house around 40 to 60 people.  You will not be charged to sleep at this camp.  You should take care about leaving your gear here while you climb.  Although the hut is in very good condition, the facilities are basic.  You should plan to take your own fuel, water and food.  If it is a bit of privacy you are after, you can camp around the basecamp.

An alternative is to camp before you reach the labyrinth at around 4500m or at 4900m at the glacier base.  There are several platforms where you will be able to set up your tents.

The mountain attracts many international climbers and although it is a fairly straightforward route, it has claimed lives in the past and should be treated with respect.  The glacier commences at around 5000m and the summit is placed at an angle of about 35 degrees.

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