Discover Mayan Culture In Mexico

May 01, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mayan culture in Mexico
Cancun is certainly well-known for its stunning beaches, exciting nightlife and upper class hotels, but it is also the main gateway to the Mayan culture.  You can undertake day trips to some of the most important archaeological sites in the area, or you can learn about the civilization at the museum.  There are several archaeological sites in the hotel zone that you can visit.  Not only can you learn about the ancient civilization, you can also learn about the present-day Mayan people and their culture.

This area was chosen to be developed into a special tourist attraction because it offers tourists natural beauty.  The development was only done during 1970, but the area’s history goes much further back to before the Spaniards arrived in the region.

Mayan Civilization

The Mayan homeland stretched across the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond its shores to within Central America.  The Mayans developed a written language that was advanced for its time.  The calendar they produced allowed the calculation of when eclipses would occur.

The Mayan culture was placed in the spotlight during 2012 when the Mayan calendar cycle came to an end.  Many people thought that the Mayans had predicted this would be the end of the world as we know it, however the Mayan texts and people did not support this theory.  It was the end of an important calendar cycle of 5000 years and the commencement of a new one.  Many people took this opportunity to gather at some of the ancient sites to bear witness to the start of a new era in the Mayan culture.  This event has prompted many people to take a trip to Cancun to find out about this interesting culture and its famous legacy.

Tourist Trips

If you have traveled to Mexico by road, you will have the opportunity to undertake many day trips.  If you do not want to do much traveling yourself, you can make use of the daily trips offered by some of the tourist attractions.  This method, however, limits where you can go.  By making use of your own vehicle, you will have the opportunity to drive and stop as you wish.

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Vicenta Stoll

Lol Tun or simply “flower Rocks” as it means in Mayan language comprises of a series of rocks and caves whose walls are painted depicting great pieces of Mayan art. It is a great place to reconnect with Mayan history.

Steven Lankford

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Kathey Freund

You will spot vendors at the vegetable and fruit stalls in open markets. The lives of many Mexicans are spent around the local market selling stuff to tourists and local citizens.


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