Drinking And Driving In Mexico

April 15, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexican man
Many visitors to Mexico want to enjoy the delicious, affordable alcoholic beverages that are on offer throughout the country.  The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, but enforcement is not as strict as it is in America.  Many of the establishments that serve alcohol have now taken to requesting proof age, but if you appear to be over the age of 18, you will probably not be asked for your ID.

The stores, bars and restaurants in Mexico are able to sell alcohol 24 hours per day.  This means that you will have access to alcohol at any time of the day or night.  It is illegal to consume alcohol on the street, but if you are walking down the road, minding your own business with a beer in one hand, you will probably not be stopped.  It is only if you become drunk and out of control that you will have to suffer the consequences of your actions.

Everyone is aware that drinking and driving is not only a stupid act, but also extremely dangerous.  This is the reason why this act is viewed as an extremely serious crime in Mexico.  If the authorities catch you driving under the influence of alcohol, your Mexican car insurance policy will be deemed invalid.  Not only does that put you in a fix financially, but the chances are that you will be put in jail for the offense.

It is not expensive to make use of taxis in Mexico, so if you have been drinking, it would be safer to use a cab to drive you home.  Mexican authorities have increased their vigilance when it comes to drunk drivers.  If you are caught driving while you are drunk, you could face time in prison.  If you are a foreigner, even if you have Mexican auto insurance, you will not be afforded any leniency when it comes to drinking and driving offenses.  If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, you could face many weeks in a Mexican jail.

Most people know their own alcohol tolerance level and should manage the quantities of alcohol they consume.  You should bear in mind that the altitude levels in Mexico change considerably from one region to the next.  If you currently reside in a low-altitude area in your country of residence, you may be at an advantage in that you can consume vast amounts of alcohol without feeling the effects.  Alcohol has a much stronger effect on a person at higher altitudes.

You should take note of the altitude that you are visiting and try to limit your consumption of alcohol.  Better still, if you intend driving, it is best that you abstain from alcohol.  If you are with a group of friends, you can always alternate the driving task.  This will ensure that at least one person remains sober and drives the tipsy ones home safely.

You should also ensure that you have adequate Mexican car insurance to cover you and a third party in the event that you are involved in an accident.  If you do not have a Mexican insurance policy yet, just click here to get one. It is not only drunk people who are involved in accidents, but they are at greater risk of causing an accident.

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Jennell Olszewski

Driving skills and obtaining Mexican car insurance is a full family package itself, which secures your visit and stay at Mexico. Though their policy doesn’t cover offroading yet you can pay extra for a rental to experience marine life.

Maxie Bunnell

Be sure to pack all your gear in case of an emergency such as flashlights etc, as they comes in handy during outages, medical treatment can be easily assisted by Mexico car insurance.

Parthenia Montero

It’s a lot convenient when you’re focused on driving, rejuvenating yourself from shops along the road however get Mexican insurance for your safety and others In case of an accident.

Elwood Olivarez

Full Mexican insurance cover is the best way to enjoy your peace while driving in Mexico. This is the only assurance of your full coverage against all auto risks.

Noelia Waller

Driving from La Pesca town to the beach is as short as a one mile journey. Self-drive is the best option for you. However, make sure that your car has Mexican auto insurance cover.

Melany Rinaldo

Rocky Point is just a great free-zone area, so there’s no need for any permit to bring and drive your car in Rocky Point!

Geoffrey Buffkin

A higher liability Mexico insurance coverage protects you in accidents that are more serious. The difference in cost is not at all that high.

Torrie Ormiston

Get online tourist assistance for your Mexico insurance coverage in case you’re faces with a serious emergency or health issue.

Fern Billingsley

It’s a good idea just to keep your money and documents with you while driving from place to place. In Mexico you’ve got endless beautiful places to see.

Nila Kenworthy

Obviously, it is less expensive and much easier to pay a 6-month or annual Mexican insurance policy. No rush, less hassles!

Jacqulyn Aurand

One of Mexico’s pride is their Baja Culinary Fest. Everyone can come along and join—from the amateur, non-experienced to professional cooks to sit there and learn about their culinary.

Candra Knittel

To be able to increase your safe travelling and experience nice vacation, first is to research your destination before leaving. Mexican Insurance Store has more information to give.

Elidia Weis

If you want a perfect place for a laid-back beach, then Playa del Carmen is the right location to be considered. Going there is as simple as buying inexpensive Mexican auto insurance.

Erik Willms

Mexico driving is not difficult as long as you’re aware enough of the rules on highways. Basic driving can be applied in Mexico and anywhere in Puerto Vallarta.

Ora Broeckel

You can call a taxi for your trip but it is more convenient to bring your own car to escape from extra charges.

Rosalva Licea

To drive, have the correct Mexico car insurance. You won’t regret having it. All the claims’ benefits are yours.


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