Experience The Beauty Of Mexico By Camping

May 30, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexico offers some of the greatest camping opportunities in the Americas.  To enjoy it takes preparation and planning.


You should plan for different conditions.  You may find yourself in a ridge overlooking a desert one night and spend the next in a pine forest with snow.  Mexican weather is quite unpredictable and you could experience tropical storms when you least expect it.

You should remain aware that regardless of how well you have planned your trips, you could experience bad road conditions, problems with your vehicle that may prompt you to change your plans.  This means that you should have a back-up plan and be flexible about accommodation and area.  As you do not live in this country, you may not be aware of changes that occur in particular areas.  This could result in you arriving at the same camp you stayed the previous year and things have changed dramatically.


You should arrange your basic camping gear well in advance.  Purchase items such as valves for your camp stove, unusual batteries that you may need, special chocolate bars and any other special items long before you intend going on your trip.  Having to do last-minute shopping in unfamiliar Mexican stores could result in a disastrous camping trip.


You should pack adequate clothing to allow you to dress in layers.  This gives you the facility to adapt to the changing conditions as far as the weather is concerned.  A hot afternoon spent in mountainous terrain can quite easily turn into a very cold evening.  You should choose wool for your outdoor clothing as it insulates and breathes, even when it is wet.  Cotton is also a good choice as it can keep you cool during those hot days, but with the ability to add layers, you can quickly warm up.  The most important part of your gear is a good pair of walking boots.

Personal Toiletries

Mexico offers primitive camping options.  This means that you will have to carry your water to where you are camping.  You should take a basic toiletry set with you and items like shampoo, soap and toilet paper should be what the entire group is willing to use.  This will save space.  Try to use biodegradable products to reduce the impact of your camping on nature.

Emergency Kit

Pack items you may need in case of illness, accidents, getting lost or extending your stay.  The kit should be lightweight and portable so that you are able to take it on hikes with you.  Your first aid kit should form part of this emergency supply as this will ensure that you carry it with you every time you leave your vehicle or your camp site.

When you go camping in Mexico, you should keep your papers in a safe place.  These documents should include copies of your Mexican car insurance policy, preferably in both languages.  You need to have Mexican auto insurance to use the roads in the country.  It is a good idea to obtain comprehensive insurance as this will ensure that you are covered for all costs involved in an accident.  You should also consider additional options, such as legal and bail-bond assistance.  This will ensure that you are protected particularly in the rural areas. Click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy.

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Samual Kuykendall

Mexican insurance is a viable choice before heading towards Mexico. Their insurance policy comes in handy while going through crowded streets in San Felipe.

Vicenta Mcgowan

Mexican food is a heaven for those who have the taste for some crunchy spices as well as more noticeable beverages along the coastal side. Mexican insurance insures your responsibility in case of any incident along your trip.

Daniela Stafford

It is really important you have some rest especially for people who have to drive all the way to Mexico, your focus and refreshed mind is vital for your traveling condition similarly Mexican auto insurance is one of the prime concern as well for any accident.

Valeria Salas

One of the few places in Mexico where you can relax and accommodate yourself is Puerto Vallarta. Away from crowd to enjoy quiet and peaceful time however get insured by Mexico insurance store online which can guide you to the best routes possible.

Bruno Koontz

There are many strange places to discover in Mexico if you are a daring adventurer. I have gone to some remote ones and at times got lost. Lots of times children have been my little guardian angels offering tips on things such as nearest police station, nearest restaurant, nearest gas station, etc.Mexico insurance is good to get though.

Alec Edward

The best way to enjoy Mexico outdoors is to have your own 4WD pickup. With this, you can carry your camping facility and other necessities and be able to move to whichever area you want.

Meggan Dinwiddie

Be sure to have enough cash when traveling from one Mexican community to another. Banking service may be absent or limited in some communities.

Janyce Watchman

If you dare go off-road locations, be sure you have a well-planned trip to avoid getting lost and be in trouble.

Karie Player

If your car has been staying in the garage for some time, tuning it up before hitting the road will save you from possible expensive repairs while taking a vacation. Quality Mexico car insurance offers roadside assistance similar to AAA.


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