Festivals You Can Enjoy In Mexico

March 15, 2015
Michael Ryan
Lenten Play

Lenten Play

There is more to touring than basking on beaches and going mountain climbing. Countries that pride themselves in having unique features tend to attract more tourists than those offering things that are easily found elsewhere. Mexico is one of those countries that offer its visitors unique experience, not just in terms of consistent warm weather, but also its beautiful culture.

How does Mexico showcase its culture?

For one, driving through the countryside exposes you to the lifestyle of the rural folk. You are able to see them driving their cattle liberally in the open, and also selling their home made wares in the open market. Of course, the assumption here is that your vehicle is properly insured as you drive through Mexico because the law of the land demands it. It is important to know that the insurance that covers you back home in the US or Canada does not work in place of Mexican auto insurance when you are driving in Mexico.

Annual festivals that Mexico showcases

Mexico organizes annual festivals where locals and visitors enjoy traditional music, dances, processions and dress code; all features that are unique only to Mexico. Some of them include:

January 6th

English speaking visitors will understand the festival as Three Kings Day; otherwise, in Mexico, which is a Spanish speaking country, the festival is called Dia de los Reyes Magos. On this day, Mexicans re-enact the Biblical story where three kings are said to have visited Baby Jesus at birth and brought Him precious gifts. People exchange gifts and you could even be the one given the onus of hosting a party in February, as that is what happens when you receive a cake with a plastic doll concealed inside.

February 2nd

This is a huge festival where the hosts include every person who received a cake with a plastic doll on January 6th. There is plenty of revelry though the festival has a religious touch. People dance in processions, enjoy the music and observe fascinating bull fights.

End of February or Early March

During this festival, a carnival that goes on for five straight days begins a week before Lent. There is full blown celebration where people make parades and dance enthusiastically on the streets. This is usually fascinating for visitors who are able to see a different and much lighter side of Mexico.

Palm Sunday Procession in Mexico

Palm Sunday Procession in Mexico

Other festivals

There are many other festivals in Mexico, all of which have a traditional touch. They include September 16th, the day the country commemorates its constitution, and December 12th, the day of Di de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, where there is a traditional fair and free concerts. Another festival that is full of traditional dances and everything else Mexican is the Fiesta del Virgen del Carmen, held in July. Visitors particularly enjoy watching the conjuntos who are traditional musical groups.

Whereas you may decide to stick in Mexico City in July for the Fiesta del Virgen del Carmen, you may wish to travel outside the city to enjoy other festivals from an entirely rural set up. As a visitor, you will be able to have that experience whatever the mode of transport you are using because roads in Mexico are passable and well connected.

It is however, important to have adequate Mexican auto insurance – minimum $300,000 cover – whether you are staying in Mexico City or venturing outside.You can buy your Mexican car insurance at the border or via the Internet but buying at the border is the more expensive option. You can go to this URL to save on your Mexican vehicle insurance.

In addition to the good road network, there is the friendliness of the Mexican people. In fact, if it were not for the language difference, you would not keep remembering that you are many kilometers away from US, Canada or wherever else you come from. When you attend these cultural events, the people of Mexico welcome you warmly and make you feel part and parcel of them.

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