Get Mexican Auto Insurance For Your Cancun Day Trips

May 02, 2014
Michael Ryan

Summer in Mexico
Cancun offers the visitor plush hotels, stunning beaches and an exciting nightlife, but it also offers those interested in the Mayan culture a look inside the ancient people’s lifestyle.  There are several interesting and beautiful day trips available to visitors in the area.


This area was previously a ceremonial center for the Mayans, as well as a very busy trading port.  The ruins that are now available for viewing are set in a spectacular environment on a cliff which overlooks the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.  The local archaeological site is not very large and consists of about 60 buildings.  It is possible to tour the area in around two hours.  The beach in the area can be classified as one of the most beautiful in the country.  The area is located about 72 miles south of Cancun.  To take a full day trip, you can combine a Tulum visit with a Xel-Ha visit.


This is a water theme park.  The freshwater lagoons are interconnected with streams of salt water.  This combination produces a wonderful ecosystem where you can see tropical fish.  It is an ideal place for beginners and children to practice snorkeling.  Other activities you can participate in include swimming with the dolphins, inner tube floating along the river, among other activities.  If you are not into water activities, you can take a wonderful walking trip through the jungle which surrounds the area.

Chichen Itza

This Prehispanic city is named one of the New World Wonders.  It was the military, political and religious center of the peninsula for many centuries.  You can climb the observatory to gain a view of the area surrounding it.  It is possible for you to hire a guide to accompany you on a trip through this interesting archaeological site.  This area is about 125 miles from Cancun which is a drive of around two to three hours.

Sian Ka’an Ecological Reserve

This is one of the biggest protected areas within Mexico.  It is an area of about 1.3 million acres of natural beauty.  You can find Mayan ruins which have not been excavated, mangroves, inlets, freshwater canals and lagoons.
As a visitor to this unique area, you will learn about the diverse wildlife that is present and take part in specific conservation projects.  There are ecological tours of the reserve that you can participate in.  Visitors are also offered the opportunity to go fly-fishing and kayaking.

To enjoy all these day trips and others that are available, you should ensure that you obtain Mexican auto insurance before going on your trip to Cancun.  It is quite easy to obtain details about the available policies online. You may click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy. You should make sure that you obtain the best policy for your needs.  It is recommended that you buy a comprehensive policy because it offers you coverage in all situations.  Not only will the third party’s damages and injuries be covered, but your damages and injuries will also be covered.  You should also consider including some of the extras that are available, such as legal and roadside assistance.

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Leah Longway

Mexico is wonderful place for wedding occasions as well, exotic seaside locations and economical accommodation for family members; however it’s essential to get Mexican auto insurance for a memorable trip, a safe option for you and your closed ones.

Polly Lipsett

San Diego travelers may enjoy peaceful session on Baja beach in Mexico rather than going to the same overcrowded beaches at home every now and then. A quiet and peaceful place to relax with mouth watering cousins and beverages. Be sure to get Mexican insurance for safety purposes.

Tonia Bandy

There may be occasional travel alerts here and there about Mexico. But, the most enduring travel alert is that driving on Mexico roads without Mexico insurance is illegal

Corazon Johns

I don’t need to buy the insurance once I got in Mexico. My friend told me it’s easier to buy it before going to Mexico. Mexican Insurance offered a quote. Shopping online is completed in minutes. I got my policy really fast.

Bernard Tannenbaum

Climbers often hike the Sierra Negra mountain, the 5th-largest mountain in Mexico. Sierra Negra is specifically popular among those tourists trying to do traverse climbing.

Suzann Deeter

Enjoy a different serving of corn when in Mexico. Elote is one of the reasons why people love to go back to this country.

Arla Mowery

Visiting a country with less English-speaking people can be a big challenge. Learning how to say common greetings will endear you to the natives.

Shawnna Cid

The cost of your Mexico insurance for Scottsdale depends on the Mexico state you’ll pass thru when driving. Find assistance by calling their help desk.

Zola Huisman

Keep in mind that you can use your iPhone to buy Mexico insurance and can pay for it via credit card or cash.

Zandra Acton

Choose to travel during the day instead of evening. Also, using toll roads is a great way to become more safe and secured.

Floy Campion

Tijuana streets are not anymore ruled by wild teenage drinkers. Today, streets are strolled by couples and members of the family searching for fun-filled activities to indulge in.

Ginger Epley

Oasis Cancun…yes, this big beach resort is known as the headquarters of Spring Break fun in Cancun. Prepare now your Mexican insurance and let the spring break begin.

Hanh Doerr

Cancun is the best place to visit. Most of the people go there to have party for a spring break. Cancun is undoubtedly the hottest destination to go every year.

Stacy Blunk

Picking the right Mexican insurance is not difficult. The ability to buy it today is extremely easy.

Amparo Rush

To be able to drive in Mexico, you have to present your tourist card, car permit, Mexico insurance, etc. These stuff are available at the border.

Linden Gray

Quick comment> Normally you are not asked for a copy of your Mexican insurance certificate, unless you have had an accident.

Willian Brosnan

Beaches are undeniably the main attractions why people love Mexico. Lots of the beaches have great hotels and resorts that satisfy the cravings of many travelers.

Joesph Salley

Nothing can worry me when driving because I always have my Mexican insurance cards with me. Now I have peace of mind while driving.


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