Getting Married In Mexico

January 10, 2015
Michael Ryan


Many couples hanker after the romance and the exoticism of Mexico when they decide to get married in the country.  However, although the option of different wedding themes is available, you should not head for Mexico expecting to obtain a quickie marriage.  There are specific documents that are required and you have to know what is needed to obtain a marriage license.

Prior to heading off to Mexico, you should ensure that you have planned your trip thoroughly.  In Mexico, only the civil ceremony is legally recognized.  If you intend going through the religious procedures of marriage, you should be aware that it has no legality whatsoever.  A civil marriage ceremony in Mexico is recognized as a valid marriage in almost any country.

Marriage Laws in Mexico

The laws related to marriage are specific to each Mexican state, although the basics are generally the same.  This implies that you should check on the requirements in the state you intend visiting for your civil ceremony.  The marriage license bureau in every city is called the Registro Civil and this is where your application is to be made.

If you do not reside within Mexico, you have to produce a visa or a tourist card, along with a valid passport.  If you intend flying to Mexico, the airline you use will provide a tourist card.  If you intend driving to Mexico, you should obtain a tourist card once you reach the country.

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Documentary Requirements

There are states that require you to produce a certified copy of the birth certificates of both partners.  This certified copy has to be translated into Spanish by an approved translator and should be apostilled by the Secretary of State where the document was obtained and issued.  Other requirements include medical test results for HIV and RPR, and chest x-rays.  These tests should be undertaken at least two days before the wedding within Mexico and a charge is levied for it.

If you are a foreigner wanting to marry a citizen of Mexico, you will have to obtain authorization from the Institute of Migration.

Same sex marriages are covered by civil union laws in Mexico City and the state of Coahuila.

The waiting period to obtain all the paperwork is usually around three working days and you should include this time in your plans.

If you have previously been married and divorced, there is a waiting period of one year before you can make application for a marriage license.  In this instance, a certified copy of your divorce decree is required.  If you are a widow or widower, you will need to produce a certified copy of the death certificate of your deceased spouse.

You will require witnesses aged over 18 at the wedding ceremony.  Some states in Mexico stipulate that two of the witnesses should be from your country of residence.  The number of witnesses required varies from state to state.

Do Not Forget Your Mexican Auto Insurance

Aside from obtaining all the necessary paperwork, you should ensure that you have all the other necessary paperwork to travel within Mexico.  If you intend travelling on the roads in Mexico, you need to purchase Mexican auto insurance prior to entering the country.  You can obtain Mexican auto insurance online or at the border.  It is recommended that you opt for the online option as you will be offered more choices and it is usually less costly. You can click here to purchase your Mexican auto insurance.

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