Escaping the Harsh Canadian Winter and Going for the Warm Mexican Weather

November 01, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican and Canadian colors

Mexican and Canadian flags

Do not burn the heater 24/7 in winter when there is free warmth in Mexico, just some doable kilometers away. Many Canadians have discovered that it is worthwhile spending the winter season in Mexico, where you will not have to deal with the harsh elements of wind chills and heavy snowfalls. So, many Canadians have been timing their holidays to coincide with January to March when winter seems to be at its harshest.

A couple I know have just made their tenth winter holiday in Mexico and they are not about to stop. They have visited Cozumel, an island that is off the coast of Mexico on the eastern side; various resorts in Puerto Vallarta; resorts in Mazatlan; and others in Playa del Carmen. They even had opportunity to rent a house for a whole month within the Colonial San Miguel de Allende. On one occasion, they even rented a condo along the Pacific Coast, very near Manzanillo, a Port City that has beautiful, all-inclusive resorts, yet not much known to Canadians. That is how vast that couple has traveled, not to mention the adventure they have had in between those destinations.

What basics do you need to travel to Mexico?

There is plenty of adventure driving to Mexico. To enjoy the most, have an open mind as to what to expect, from the people of Mexico to the physical features of the land.

Here are some tips you can rely on:

  • Take with you some American dollars and also some Mexican pesos. Even as you pay for your tourist visa in dollars, you will need the pesos for toll stations as you drive along the toll roads, and also to transact in the local markets.


  • Make sure to drive a well maintained car so that you can be as adventurous as you wish, getting off the highways and toll roads and onto smaller feeder roads to sample the rural life.


  •  Of greatest importance is your Mexican auto insurance. The government does not give any leeway to tourists or visitors of any kind considering that it is the lives of road users at stake when an accident occurs. The minimum amount of liability to be covered is $300,000.  You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy at the border or online but it is way more expensive to buy at the border. You can buy your Mexican insurance policy online at this link.


  • For early preparation, you could use an American insurance agent who will sell you a policy from a Mexican insurance company. Some good agents even have a toll free line. The procedure is simple. After completing a standard form online where you also give your contact details, you can expect to receive your policy on e-mail in no time – even in a matter of minutes. Within a few days, you will have your printed copy sent through your postal address, and it is written in both English and Spanish.


  • Remember that the only thing that will prove that you are a law abiding Canadian and not some fugitive trying to lie low in Mexico is to produce your identification papers. So, have all your papers together, including your valid Passport and Driving License.


  • Once at the border, be prepared to pay some fee for your tourist visa; something like $25, which you will be required to pay in cash.


  • Be prepared to pay for your car import permit too. This is the document that will show that you have permission to drive that foreign car in Mexico. You will use the same document to confirm that you have taken the car out of the country after your holiday. The car permit will cost you something like $32 and you will use your Credit Card for that. Do not zoom off without the sticker to show you have the temporary car import permit.Mexican Beaches

Once you are deep into Mexico, you will not imagine how it is like to be in Canada suffering negative degrees of cold. You will be enjoying clear skies, the breeze from the Pacific, and admiring the beautiful Pelicans and Flamingoes. You will cherish the warm smiles of the local people as you traverse the countryside; friendly people who are lucky to enjoy the beautiful Mexican weather all year round. In fact, for more confidence when venturing far and wide in the country, you could increase your Mexican car insurance cover to $500,000.

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Shawnna Rosenbaum

Since I drive extensively while in Mexico, I find full cover to be the most ideal for my situation. has always granted me excellent online Mexico insurance services.

Daphne Land

Many Canadians who have opted to make Mexico their home started off as regular tourists and cultivated the habit staying for longer holidays before finally deciding on the best place to make a residence. Should you choose to buy property in Mexico, make sure that the ownership is genuine and have Mexican insurance for it.

Luisa Lemus

Most travelers from US and Canada drive to Mexico to have a less expensive shopping experience as they enjoy their holiday vacation. To make sure that your shopping and holidaying is not unduly disrupted, be certain that your car is covered by Mexican insurance.

Lilli Luckett

Long-term coverage is the best choice for my Mexican insurance. I am a frequent traveler in Mexico and it’s just right to get a long-term policy. After learning the options, I didn’t have second thought of buying it. It’s ideal for me.

Tom Khan

Save some souvenirs and take a few songs that you love most. Yes! Mexico is one of the most visited countries for a romantic honeymoon among couples.

Maura Keeney

While mobile phone is the quickest tool in communication, have it fully charged before leaving the house. Most of the regretful situations come when you assume that your garget is fully charged but it’s actually not.

Drusilla Jetton

It’s certainly wonderful to be in Baja. Until you see Baja, you would never know what it would take to be like spending winter in Baja.

Anamaria Ku

Kids must travel to Mexico to encounter educational animals. So it takes at least inexpensive Mexican insurance for parents to allow their kids learn different animals.

Lee Basso

Try to visit a volcano in Mexico. Most of them are located in national parks offering the best hiking experience such as hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

Clarissa Nettleton

After buying Mexico insurance online, your drive going to Rocky Point becomes quicker and less stressful. No need to get insured at the border.

Harrison Quinby

As a frequent traveler, you know the importance of having coverage. With reliable Mexican insurance, you are assured not only of your car safety but yours, too!

Mechelle Morace

October is not a busy month in Mexico, but should you plan to go there, make sure your Mexican insurance is still in effect.

Hayden Dibiase

Long-term Mexican insurance is a good idea for some people; it’s considered to be more of a safety net compared to a financial investment.

Caridad Moisan

It’s important to wear light-colored outfit, with breathable cotton fabric. Outfit should be easy and loose to feel fresh and more comfortable.

Nelida Zubia

A critical part of journey is buying Mexican insurance. You have to do it, otherwise you turn your vacation less enjoyable.

Lauryn Packer

Fabulous tourist attractions should be discovered in Mexico. So start with schedule tours, plan for a vacation, and have some sightseeing moments! Mexico is best for fun and entertainment.

Jeneva Merritt

In Mexico, soda has been a very popular drink among Mexicans. Also Mexico prides itself for having a well-developed beverage industry.

Sarai Osullivan

Unclean water and contaminated foods are special causes of unexpected sicknesses in Mexico.

Nicholle Kovach

Initially, you must buy Mexico car insurance that gives you coverage for car accidents and damages to other property and a third parties. This site has a complete list of what to offer based on one’s needs.

Ricki Diehm

Monthly payments may be more affordable but in the long run, it’s more costly than paying Mexico car insurance with a single payment.

Wilton Hooks

Consider the big amount of savings from a long-term policy if you travel frequently in Mexico.

Cassey Slade

Many travelers prefer the hurricane season for their vacation for the simple fact that travelers see fewer tourists. Expenses for destinations and accommodations are lower, too. Get a good Mexican auto insurance policy if driving.


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