A Guide To Guadalajara, Mexico

October 18, 2014
Michael Ryan


Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico.  It is an ideal place to discover traditional Mexican culture, but it is also known as an important business and industrial center.

The city is situated in the center of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco.  If you travel from Mexico City, you will find it 350 miles to the west.  If you decide to visit Guadalajara and would like some relaxing time on the beach, you can choose to visit Puerto Vallarta, which is about three and a half hours by car.

Guadalajara is derived from the Arab word, Wadi-al-Hajara, meaning valley of stones.  It was named after a Spanish city by the same name as it was the hometown of Nuno Beltrán de Guzmán, who discovered it during 1531.  The original location of the city was not where it is currently located.  It was moved about three times before this location was finally settled upon during 1542 as the other locations were not suitable for trade or to live comfortably.  The city was named the capital of the state during 1560.

What to Expect in Guadalajara

A walking tour of the city is the best option if you want to see all it has to offer.  There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with murals by Jose Clemente Orozco.  You can pay a visit to the Government Place, which was first occupied during the colonial period by the governors and it was later used as Miguel Hidalgo’s residence.  It was at this palace that the abolishment of slavery law was passed during 1810.  Other attractions in the city include the Museum of Journalism and Graphic Arts and the Institute of Jalisco Handicrafts.

There are several day trips which can be taken comfortably from the city.  You can take a trip on the Tequila Express, which includes visits to the town of Tequila and manufacturers of tequila.  You will experience mariachi music and tequila tasting on your way.  The train leaves the city in the morning and returns during the evening.

Guadalajara offers visitors comfortable accommodation, good restaurants and an exciting nightlife.

You can reach the city by air to its international airport.  Alternatively you can opt to drive your car to the city as this will allow you to explore the surrounding area.

Get Your Mexican Insurance



If you opt for driving to Mexico, you must ensure that you buy Mexican car insurance before you leave home.  You should include this on your list of things to do while planning your trip.  It is easy to obtain Mexican auto insurance online, or should you forget to buy it before leaving on your trip, you can purchase it at the border.  However, this is not recommended as it generally costs much more and you will not have the facility to choose exactly what you require. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this URL.

To ensure that you obtain the best insurance cover, you should determine the value of your vehicle and base your insurance on that.  You should also determine if you would feel better buying liability only or if you would prefer full coverage.  If you choose liability only, the damage and injury you suffer personally will not be covered.  It only covers third party damages and injury.  You should ensure that you have adequate liability for the states you intend visiting.

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Julienne Fajardo

I like visiting flea markets in Ensenada. There you can easily get authentic antiques and vintages at extremely knockdown prices. Be sure to come with your car and of course, have it insured with Mexican auto insurance.

Jerrica Ash

Roadside Assistance and Legal Assistance provided by MexicanInsuranceStore.com are excellent. This is why I always take my online Mexican insurance policy from them.

Socorro Meeker

I live and work near the Mexican border, whenever I have some few hours during my week, I simply pick up online Mexican insurance cover for my car and within a few minutes I’m roaring down there for shopping.

Verona Mello

Major credits cards are accepted when paying for Mexico insurance. This allows you instant protection while traveling. Change or cancellation of policy before start date is allowed without penalty at Mexican Insurance Store.

Linden Gray

This is TRUE. Change or cancellation of any policy before the start date is allowed without penalty at Mexican Insurance Store.

Charise Pickert

Prior to Mexico trip, allow your body to drink sufficient water. Avoid drinking tap water everywhere. Don’t drink squeezed fruit juices and also reduce your alcohol intake.

Chelsie Cortright

Mexico has the latest care modern and quality healthcare to offer to everyone. Tourists and travelers can enjoy such freedoms. It’s their protection much like Mexican insurance.

Easter Debartolo

Just like other nations, Mexico has its own law on the road which is driving with Mexican insurance.

Mirella Piggott

If you’re going to a beach, spend time to try their fish tacos. Places like Baja Norte is famous for their fresh fried fish in tortillas.

Ned Higginbotham

You have your Canadian car insurance policy? Remember, it’s not valid for use in Mexico. Only one coverage is allowed in Mexico: Mexican insurance for Canadians or Americans.

Karmen Matteson

If an accident is caused by you, your Mexican auto insurance helps in paying the third party’s medical expenses. Also, your coverage pays for the legal fees, in case of court issues.

Britt Melcher

Traveling to Mexico requires carrying a valid driver’s license all the time. Aside from that, Mexico insurance is another thing equally important.

Marianela Galvan

Filing a Mexican car insurance claim is only easy if you know what to do and how to claim. It’s also necessary that you drive with your policy inside the car. Remember, the proof is important.


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