A Visitor’s Guide To Playa del Carmen

February 17, 2015
Michael Ryan
Playa del Carmen Main Beach

Playa del Carmen Main Beach

Playa del Carmen is one of the top beaches in Mexico.  It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula and is suitable for all types of visitors.

Playa del Carmen was once a small fishing village with a scruffy look, but it has grown over the years and become a pleasure seeking haven.  Playa’s party atmosphere is not quite as rowdy as neighboring Cancun, but rather offers an air of sophistication.  Many of the bars and nightclubs in the town are frequented by an adult crowd, who are there to be seen and want to see the famous nightclubs and beach clubs.

This does not imply that you have to get involved in the nightlife in the city.  There is something for everyone to do here.  You can relax while having a coffee in one of the quiet cafes or you can enjoy traditional, rusty Mexican meals.  However, if you want to party all night long, you have the opportunity to do so in Playa.

This city offers visitors the olde-world charm of yesteryear.  You can enjoy the idyllic climate, stunning beaches and simply relax.

Mexican Insurance

Do Not Forget Your Passport and Mexican Auto Insurance

To ensure that you can take advantage of this relaxed atmosphere, you should ensure that all your papers are in order.  Planning a trip to Mexico often takes quite a bit of time and many people only ensure that they have their passports and credit cards at hand.  This often results in them forgetting about car insurance.  If you intend traveling by land to and within Mexico, you need to have valid Mexican auto insurance.  Your current US or Canadian car insurance is not valid within Mexico and not having Mexican auto insurance could result in you spending a few days in jail.

You should make sure that you obtain adequate liability insurance to ensure that you have sufficient coverage if you are involved in a vehicle accident.  These policies can be purchased online or at the border, however, opting for the latter will usually cost more and offer fewer options. You can save on your Mexican auto insurance by purchasing from this link.

Once you have purchased your Mexican auto insurance, you should print a copy of the policy and keep it with you at all times.  You may be stopped by traffic authorities, who have the right to request to see your vehicle insurance.

If all your documents are in order, you can enjoy all the activities available in Playa del Carmen without worrying.  The main promenade in the city offers the visitor a range of top-class boutiques, bars and various stores selling everything for the tourist.

Sunset at Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Sunset

Places of Interest in Playa del Carmen

There is a small church, with an arched glass window behind its altar where you can find solace in silence.

If you are looking for chic bars and cafes, you can stop on Calle Corazon.  This is a leafy street in the shape of a horseshoe, with a range of chic bars and cafes lining it.

Playa offers the tourist a range of accommodation.  You can stay at one of the boutique hotels and choose from modern to rustic.  There are budget hotels and upscale communities where the wealthy live and play.

Of course, the main reason for visiting this region is the beaches.  You can suntan and enjoy a delightful drink on the white sandy beach which runs the length of the promenade.

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Regan Fleck

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Toshiko Oh

My US auto insurance is not valid in Mexico. So, you don’t have the protection that covers damages and theft of your automobile. Take no risks when you’re in other country. It may be too late when something bad happened to you. It pays to buy Mexican auto insurance before entering automobile to Mexico.

Beverlee Self

It is always good to mingle with locals as you serve them during your volunteerism. But, be careful with your belongings as there are always criminals in any society who are ready to take advantage of visitors. Make sure that your car and valuables are fully insured with Mexican insurance so that you are compensated should the unfortunate happen.

Mozelle Beasley

When you love beaches, you can’t forget Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Heading off to this beach, you may need to travel long from where you are before reaching Playa del Carmen. Anything can happen while driving, so having Mexican insurance really matters.

Shemika Tuch

If you are planning to take your initial journey to Mexico, there are available travel tips insurance provider can give to first-timers.

Gerry Bushnell

During summer in Mexico, it’s both damp and scorching along the two coast sides of the country. Sometime, it’s intolerable to travelers.

Dwight Andreasen

Get online tourist assistance for your Mexico insurance coverage in case you’re faces with a serious emergency or health issue.

Ozie Wene

It’s pretty easy to get car insurance at the border. But the risk is, you’re getting below standard insurance that costs too much.


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