Guidelines To Driving Across The Mexican Border

April 08, 2014
Michael Ryan

There are certain rules and regulations you have to adhere to if you decide to drive your vehicle across the Mexican border.  Abiding by these rules will ensure that you are legally driving your vehicle into Mexico.

You do not have to comply with any procedures if you intend traveling within the border zone.  This is normally up to about 20 kilometers south of the Mexico-US border.  It also applies to the Free Trade Zone which includes the Sonora Free Trade Zone and the Baja California Peninsula.  If you wish to travel beyond these areas, you have to comply with certain requirements.

Vehicle Permit

The first step to obtain a vehicle permit is to drive your car or RV to the Mexican customs office situated at the border post.  You will have to provide one original and two copies of:

  • Either a passport or a birth certificate as valid proof of citizenship.  If you have dual citizenship, you must present your Mexican passport or any proof that you have Mexican nationality
  • A tourist card or the required immigration form
  • Valid vehicle registration document.  This document must be in the name of the driver
  • If your vehicle is rented or leased, you need to produce the relevant contracts which should be in the driver’s name.  If the car you are driving is in a company’s name, you need a document which certifies that you work for the company and are entitled to take the vehicle into Mexico
  • Your valid driver’s license

Mexican Car Insurance

You are under legal obligation to hold valid Mexican car insurance for any vehicle you drive on the Mexican roads.  If you do not have this insurance, you will be detained by the traffic authorities in Mexico.

Mexican insurance can easily be bought online.  If you do an online search, you will more than likely get several results with information of providers that offer this type of insurance policy.  You should take care who you buy your insurance from as only licensed insurance companies can sell Mexican auto insurance, or brokers that are associated with licensed companies.

You should check for the best deal available such as the one in this URL.  It is often recommended that you opt for the cheapest deal available, but this is not always the best option.  The cheapest deals will normally be liability only policies.  This limits the coverage you will receive if you are involved in a car accident.

If you can afford it, you should opt for comprehensive insurance as this will ensure that you are covered for any incident.  The variance in cost is often not that great if you do a proper search and find a reputable online company to buy from.

You should check who the underwriting insurance company is before you buy Mexican auto insurance online.  This will ensure that should you be in a vehicle accident and need to submit a claim, you will be covered.  The larger insurance companies offer more stability and offer better service while you are in Mexico.  It is not a pleasant experience to be far from home and not have the support you initially paid for.

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Rudolf Spivey

You can purchase exquisite gifts for young and old while crossing the border from their shops. In the same way might as well purchase Mexican insurance.

Shanon Maddox

Buying a cheap pre-paid phone with internet capabilities is the best way to ensure that you stay connected online with friends at low local rates. In case you choose to have an expensive phone, make sure that it is covered by Mexican Insurance.

Cristi Curran

If you are travelling from border States in US, it is more convenient to rent a car in US and buy Mexican Auto insurance Liability policy online before you drive in to Mexico

Lolita Mccullough

I learned to avoid paying exaggerated insurance premiums for my car every time I cross over to Mexico for business by learning to take my policy online well in advance.

Cherryl Forgey

If you travel a lot visiting your friends and family in Mexico, it is not smart getting Mexican insurance each time you visit them. You got to consider the yearly option.

Melani Lavergne

If you’re sick, trying to travel alone isn’t good. Find someone to travel with you when heading off to Mexico. Someone who can assist you and provide for your needs.

Tisha Quimby

Long Beach, Mexico offers a great respite from your busy schedule. Obtain Mexico insurance exclusive to this place prior to leaving.

Creola Hermanson

San Felipe has been popular because of its jumbo blue shrimp. Similarly, San Felipe is well-thought-out as the shrimp capital of Baja California.

Antwan Carrera

If you have Mexican insurance, it’s important that the policy and the car registration documents are in your name before driving your car.

Linden Gray

Mexico insurance requires the owner of the vehicle be named on the policy.

Eleanore Nagler

Mexico is a place to always remember because of souvenir items. Buy some cool and unique souvenirs to share with friends and family members as you travel back home.

Elvia Sisler

Mexico’s road infrastructures are remarkably great. With that, getting around the city by road is much easier now than before.

Victor Yancy

Always drive to Mexico with valid Mexico car insurance. Don’t forget to get a copy of your policy before leaving the house.


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