How To Avoid Problems While Driving In Mexico

May 24, 2014
Michael Ryan

Checking your Vehicles
Driving through Mexico is a very convenient way for Americans and Canadians to see the country.  Many visitors to the region travel in their own vehicles.  You should remain aware that the driving conditions and methods are very different to Canada and America.

You should be aware of how other drivers behave when you drive in Mexico.  However, if a driver is blatantly ignoring the road signs, you should not follow suit.  You should remain aware of the speed limits on the road.  Bear in mind that in most places the speed limits are indicated in the metric system.


You should ensure that you have a reliable road map of the area you are traveling in.  It is quite easy to buy one before you leave home or when you arrive in Mexico.  A large portion of the country is covered by modern toll roads, which are mostly privately owned.  These roads are faster to travel on than the ‘free’ roads.  This is particularly so when you travel through all the smaller villages and town.  The one problem with using toll roads is that they can become quite expensive.  Be aware that many of the toll roads do not accept credit cards or US dollars, so you will have to carry Mexican pesos with you.  You should do some research before you take to the road to determine the best route.  Once you go off the main highways in the country, the road conditions can become quite bad, with potholes, dirt roads and animal hazards.

Mexican Car Insurance

One aspect of driving in Mexico you should take care of before you leave for your trip is Mexican car insurance.  Many people believe that because they already have car insurance for their personal vehicle, they do not need Mexican auto insurance.  The policy you currently have for you vehicle in America or Canada will not be valid in Mexico.  To travel on the roads in Mexico, you need to buy Mexican car insurance which covers the period of time you will remain in the country.  It is illegal to drive without a valid policy.


The Federal Police in Mexico patrol the roads constantly.  Unfortunately, the culture of bribery is still rife in the country and you will probably be able to get away with a few indiscretions if you are willing to pay for it.  You should not however assume that all the officers are corrupt.  You may offend an officer and it could end up with you being arrested.  In most cases if you are stopped, you should remain calm, be courteous and show the officer the respect they deserve.  If you can speak some Spanish, it is a good idea to use it if you are stopped by a police officer since not many of them can speak English.

Roadside Assistance

If you get stuck on the road in Mexico, you can call the Green Angels for assistance.  This service is operated by the Mexican government and the operators can fix almost any problem.  If you obtain suitable Mexican car insurance, it should include roadside assistance, so you may not have to worry about calling the Green Angels. It is comforting to know that the Mexican vehicle insurance policy by includes Roadside Assistance whenever you got stuck on the Mexican roadside.

Driving in Mexico should be a pleasure if you have suitable Mexican auto insurance, maps and the relevant contact numbers in case you require assistance of any kind.



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Tierra Salcedo

Some of the twist and turns along the Baja Norte site will be swell as well as the weather shifts lead to a major accident as a result law officials will charge you If you haven’t purchased Mexican auto insurance coverage.

Precious Cao

However you may find busy streets and highway on the weekends in Mexico, it should be feasible to travel as early as possible, don’t forget Mexican insurance for any accidents.

Lon Metz

Route to Baja beach can be a little time consuming as many tourist visit this place for sightseeing whales furthermore apply for Mexican auto insurance.

Olinda Batchelor

Number of Vibrant and fishing spots near the coastal areas of Mexico yet it can turn out to be unpleasant if you don’t have Mexico insurance with you.

Tona Mansfield

Mexican insurance for San Ysidro is easily verified by the border officials without wasting any of your time. This protects you from any accident on the highway as well making your trip enjoyable and pleasant.

Ila Lovell

If you’re hungry and you want to have a quick meal in Mexico, go for taco’s easily available yet tasty however buy Mexican insurance for best coverage for your trip.

Rodrigo Whitfield

It can get tricky while driving straight hours, its advised to relax your muscle in between your travel might as well get Mexican auto insurance for any serious damage ahead of your trip.

Lenna Griswold

People don’t often take responsibility for any injury and damage in Mexico and law officials don’t hesitate on blaming you for all that. Get Mexican auto insurance for a happy journey.

Delsie Kitchen

Roads in some parts of Mexico can have dangerously sharp corners, abrupt crossings from playing children and stray animals can easily lead to accidents. Taking Mexican insurance can really save you from heartaches of hitting an animal.

Lorine Toliver

Checking out your tires, brake fluid, engine oil and radiator while ensuring that you have Mexican auto insurance is the best way for you to enjoy a worry-free ride as you marvel the panoramic landscape.

Robbie Marr

After driving through the East Coast of Baya Peninsula, you can’t miss passing through Bahia de los Angeles to watch Kayaking. If you are not tired, grab a kayak.

Arminda Cantu

Mexico is one place where defensive driving can save you a lot. No matter how skilled you are in defensive driving, one important thing is that do not forget being fully covered by Mexican auto insurance.

Dorla Hauser

I never used to make quote inquiries while driving across the border to Mexico due the cumbersomeness of comparing them. However, online quotes make it easy for me to compare many different quotes to get the best for me.

Desire Earle

The best way to avoid being inconvenienced by loss of documents is to keep their copies online. That’s why I prefer online Mexican insurance as it enables me to retain an electronic copy.

Cathleen Wiles

Your Mexico insurance is a big help in the event of an accident. Get a step-to-step guide for handling a claim after an accident from

Holli Hopton

The secret to succeed in a Mexican vacation is readiness. If you and your car are ready before driving, you take off half of the hassles and troubles when traveling.

Kaitlin Braham

It’s really a big trouble if you are not covered. Just keep in mind that being insured gives you the right protection you need based on what is covered in your policy.

Mervin Farias

Being alert and attentive when driving is a must. Expect the unexpected but always drive with a Mexican car insurance policy.

David Gilmore

Not all car insurance companies offer the same thing. The most important one is to have Full Coverage Mexico insurance for travelers that covers damages to your car.

Stevie Weick

As you look forward to your next trip in Mexico, you will be on every pleasurable condition and relaxation as you arrive in Mexico with car insurance.


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