How To Claim On Your Mexican Auto Insurance Policy

April 09, 2014
Michael Ryan

You need to have a Mexican car insurance policy if you intend traveling through Mexico by road.  It is a legal requirement and your Canadian or U.S. insurance policies are not valid in Mexico.  To protect yourself, it is a good idea to print out a couple of copies of your policy in both English and Spanish.  This will prevent you from experiencing problems should you be involved in a serious accident or you are asked to present proof of insurance.

Your insurance documentation should include a section that provides you with full details of the claim procedure.  It should also provide you with the necessary contact numbers in case you need to make a claim or contact the company for any other reason.

Where to Submit the Claim

Most people who are involved in minor accidents, such as scrapes or small dents, make the decision to claim once they return home.  They generally do not want to interrupt their holiday time with the submission of claim forms and trying to negotiate with their insurance company or broker.

You should be aware that most insurance companies will refuse your claim if you wait to submit it until you get home.  They will only consider the claim if the circumstances of the event and your eventual return home offers unusual circumstances.  Most insurance companies require that you make your claim while you are still in Mexico.  You should confirm this rule with your broker and check your insurance policy to determine the exact procedure for any claims.

Insurance Company

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, your first call should be to your Mexican insurance company’s support or help line.  They will be able to register the claim and make arrangements for an insurance assessor to go to the scene of the accident.  If you have been involved in a more serious accident and require legal counsel, they will be able to arrange that as well.

This makes it important for you to have the contact details of your insurance company on hand while you are traveling.  Apart from carrying printed copies of your policy, in English and Spanish, you should email a copy to yourself.  This will allow you to access it online and easily locate the contact details if you need it.  You should also consider adding the contact details to your contacts list on your mobile phone.  The ease of use that this offers you will save you a lot of time and stress. You may click here to get your Mexican auto insurance policy the hassle-free way.


When you submit a claim to your insurance company, you will require certain documents.  You may have to provide the company with a police report, along with the official claim documents.

If you want to get your car back on the road immediately, you may be able to arrange with your insurance company that you pay the costs up-front and receive reimbursement for it once they have processed the claim.  Before you do this, you should confirm that they are prepared to pay for the costs. All the information related to the claims procedure should be clarified in your policy documents.  The most important point to bear in mind is to make the Mexican auto insurance claim while you are in Mexico.

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Jenae Battaglia

The best way to have a worry-free experience in Mexico is to have your Mexican auto insurance early in advance before you embark on your drive down South. However, this is only possible by getting it online.

Lesley Caskey

Your time is very important. No need to waste it when your car is impounded due to your failure to take Mexican auto insurance. Save your time.

Fidelia Steinberg

Mexico is a good place to go cycling while on holiday. You can get into the interior where roads are not busy. With the aid of GPS you can discover a lot of wonderful places.

Trent Tullis

Will there be stuff like workshops in the culinary fest? When is the next culinary festival taking place?

Dara Higginson

Knowing some basic Spanish language will guide you to really enjoying every moment of your trip in Mexico. You will experience the usual things happening at the border.

Kate Haigler

Mexico City has always been the favorite place Americans would always want to visit. It’s worth every second in Mexico to really unwind and refresh the body.

Minda Schmeling

Obtain Mexico insurance before looking for a vacation home in Mexico. This will help in facilitating legal and safe travel in the country.

Johnson Lipsett

Don’t take the risk of driving to Mexico without getting a Mexico insurance coverage for your vehicle. Saves you time and money!

Beatrice Lehn

If a vacation in Mexico is what you’re planning get prepared by buying Mexican insurance for your own good!

Linden Gray

Adequate liability limits meet your financial obligation so you keep from being detained in an auto accident.

Carrie Amend

It’s valid to use US driver’s license in Mexico; however, the law requires that cars must be driven by the owners or the owner is on-board the car.

Edyth Newbill

During an accident, if you failed to have Mexican insurance, you have no choice but ending up in a prison cell. But this is can be avoided if you’re properly covered.

Lara Yantis

For sure, there’s diverse opportunities for great shopping in Mexico—from simple to modern local fads that are attractive to travelers and tourists.

Yvone Brennen

It’s very easy to ask for quote and request for a printed copy of Mexican insurance. Shopping online has never been this easy and stress-free.

Jimmie Felix

You get into an accident and it’s your fault? You can rely on quality Mexico insurance, especially if you’ve bought comprehensive coverage.

Misti Mansfield

It’s tough to find time for a vacation. I don’t have my own car for traveling in Mexico. Going to Mexico is always a big problem for me.


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