Isla Holbox – One of Mexico’s Fantastic Beaches

November 02, 2014
Michael Ryan
Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox

Mexico has an astounding 5700 miles of beautiful coastline.  Not all of it has huge resorts, such as the Mayan Riviera, Cancun and Acapulco.  If it is privacy you are looking for, Mexico offers visitors a range to choose from.  Some of them are fairly cumbersome to get to, but there are others that are close to the more popular resort areas, but not often visited by tourists.  In these areas you can lie in a hammock with a drink in hand and not be disturbed by crowds of tourists shouting and screaming.

Isla Holbox

This little undiscovered piece of treasure is a small island which is located in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula.  If you take the time to travel a mere three hours from Cancun and an easy ferry ride, you will find yourself in paradise.  There are no popular shopping areas, no resorts and no banks or cash machines.  All you will have to face is a small village, with small hotels and fishermen.  The beaches are what attract visitors to this island as the white sand stretches for miles.

Isla Holbox is a paradise for bird watchers.  There are more than 100 different species that pass through or nest in the area including huge numbers of flamingos.  For a few months each year visitors can experience a once in a lifetime event by swimming with whale sharks.

The hotels in the area are not large, commercialized places, but offer visitors a rustic restful place to rest your weary bones.  You can place your hammock in a peaceful setting where your needs will be taken care of quite efficiently.

The water on this side of the country is not as blue as it is on the Caribbean side of this peninsula.  However, it is calm and warm and the beaches have soft sand with limited amounts of rocks or shells.  You can choose to float on the water or take a languid swim each day.

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Once you have made up your mind to opt for this peaceful holiday, you should consider the legal requirements of visiting another country.  When you travel to Mexico by road, you need to obtain Mexican car insurance.  Many tourists from the US and Canada believe that their current US or Canadian insurance policies are valid in Mexico.  This is not so and it is mandatory that you have Mexican auto insurance for your vehicle.

There are minimum amounts set for the different parts of the country and you should ensure that you comply with these requirements.  If you go online and do a search for Mexican car insurance, you should be faced with a range of potential providers.  It is in your best interest to check the reputation of the providers before you decide to purchase a policy from one of them.  This can all be done online.You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this link.

Once you have done your comparison and decide on the best policy for your needs, you should print it in both English and Spanish.  This may ease your problem if you are faced with a police authority who does not understand English.  You should retain at least one copy of your policy with you at all times, so that you are prepared in the event of an accident.

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Son Wilbanks

If you plant to veer off major cities and highways into the interior, it is important to be cautious. Know those places that are crime-prone. Take precautions by ensuring that you do have Roadside Assistance, Legal Assistance and Medical Assistance as part of your Mexican auto insurance policy as this may help you easily get out of dangerous situation.

Clementina Seay

Going in a caravan is the best way for group travel to Rocky Point. You get to have maximum fun as you accompany each other independently. However, don’t get carried away and forget to buy Mexican auto insurance for your car.

Rutha Scherer

I make sure my Mexican auto insurance is available anytime I need it. It’s required for the entire year. Now, I feel double protected wherever my car drives me.

Frederic Drew

Great beaches and attractions will reward travelers because Baja is the perfect place for holiday breaks and vacations. After securing Mexico insurance, Baja welcomes you with exotic things and attractions.

Margherita Warfield

Summer is the most preferred time to go to Mexico. Crowded areas are seen almost everywhere. When thinking of surfing, Baja is the leading destination of foreigners. Go for either cruising or camping you really need Mexican insurance.

Casie Levin

Speaking Spanish is important but you can still land a job even you don’t speak Spanish. Freelance jobs are available and you can meet new friends right away.

Celinda Knoles

In travelling, you don’t only need Mexico insurance. Equally important is checking your entire car before using it. Good condition of your unit really matters.

Brandi Romriell

Spending life in Mexico makes a big difference. Can’t imagine the great beaches, foods, outdoor activities and of course the beautiful people. It only requires Mexican insurance to be there and see all these stuff.

Wade Chan

I haven’t gone to Mexico yet. But I believe it’s one of the most visited countries in the world. Probably because of its diverse climates and friendly Mexicans who always welcome travellers.

Edwardo Abler

Save time by using your iPhone or tablet to check the costs of a Mexican insurance coverage before leaving for Mexico.

Kendra Fast

The cost of your Mexico insurance for Scottsdale depends on the state you’ll pass by when driving. Find assistance via their helpdesk.

Becki Desalvo

Think about fire safety when you travel. Mexican Insurance Store offers not only Mexico insurance but also fire insurance.

Floy Guillaume

Shopping is irresistible in Mexico, especially if it is your first time. There are of course a wide range of stuff to purchase as souvenirs.

Nereida Sailor

Spending summer in Mexico is amazing. You can wind up, relieve your stress and enjoy cool activities like fishing and snorkelling.

Fabian Jean

In case its too crowded in Long Beach, your optional route can be Rosarito. Rosarito has got everything to offer you — from basic accessibility to reaching cool beach attractions.


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