Los Cabos – A Great Medical Tourism Destination

March 02, 2015
Michael Ryan
Port of Cabo San Lucas

Port of Cabo San Lucas

Did you know medical care was readily available irrespective of where you live? I personally felt relieved when I learnt about medical tourism and how it accords everyone an opportunity to get high quality treatment at a reasonable rate. Within the realm of medical tourism, medical treatment is affordable to almost everyone. Recently I gave in to my travelling bug and I can now tell you from firsthand experience that Los Cabos is among the ‘must visit’ destinations. During my stay, I had opportunity to interact with some highly respected medical professionals and I learnt a lot from them. One valuable thing I took away was how much you stand to benefit if you plan your holiday with medical care as your nuclear mission.

What are the main attractions in Los Cabos?

As for the weather, Los Cabos is just one of those places you want to tell all your friends about. The place is on the lower side of California, just at the tip of Baja California Sur, the 2nd smallest state in Mexico. Owing to its location, the place is warm and sunny almost all the year round. Nights are nicely cool and you can venture out and enjoy the ocean breeze. The uniqueness of this place that makes it so loveable for a tourist is that it does not experience the haphazard convectional rain common in many coastal areas. In fact, when it actually does rain, everyone welcomes it with a smile. Then there is the Baja California Desert along the eastern side of the peninsula that makes for a spectacular landscape.

There are two main towns that comprise Los Cabos: one of them is Cabo San Lucas while the other is San Jose del Cabo. These towns are separated by a corridor which is lined with high quality hotels and beautiful resorts. They also have ample accommodation, including attractive and comfortable boutique hotels to cater for the visitors who frequent the place. Though they are close to each other, each town has its own unique attractions and so, as a tourist, you will enjoy a visit to both. The area is well served by transport that includes international flights to various destinations worldwide. In addition, many of the major cities in the US and Canada have regular flights to Los Cabos.

Los Cabos Scenery

Los Cabos Scenery


Which factors make Los Cabos the ideal destination for medical tourism?

One of the reasons Los Cabos is great for medical tourism, in addition to affordability, is that you will enjoy a healthy and delicious diet as you recuperate. The foods are unique and range from fresh vegetables and fruits; fresh juices; nutritious sea foods; and a wide range of local, regional and also international cuisine. The icing on the cake is the premium personalized service you get in the hotels, resorts and everywhere you visit. It makes your healing environment that much conducive.

In recent years, the place has attracted very many highly qualified medical personnel, and a good number of them have made Los Cabos their permanent residence. Some even serve Mexico City from there. The area appears to have even greater potential as a medical hub, with the ABC chain of hospitals putting up a state-of-the-art facility. Once operational, very likely within 2015, the facility is set to double the area’s patient bed capacity. Considering that outstanding doctors and surgeons already work with Amerimed, the modern private hospital dominant in the area, Los Cabos is bound to become even more popular as a medical tourist destination.


How do I go about organizing a medical trip to Los Cabos?

To make your medical travel holiday more convenient and less pricey, it is best that you work with a medical facilitator. These facilitators have a good working relationship with local medical practitioners, their staff, and other related parties. They will give you relevant and reliable information on availability and pricing of various treatments, and they will also organize your transport and accommodation. In fact, they act a lot like your host, ensuring you are warmly welcomed at the airport and comfortably driven to your hotel. Then they follow up to ensure that your appointments are well set and that you keep to them as scheduled.


Cabo San Lucas Harbor

View of Cabo San Lucas Harbor

Is Los Cabos worth it if the medical procedure can be done in the US or Canada?

Evidently, it is worth giving Los Cabos a try whatever medical procedure you need. Often you find that the cost of treatment in the US or even Canada supersedes the amount you would spend getting treatment in Los Cabos. When you consider that in Los Cabos you will have the luxury of enjoying the weather, the scenery, the cuisines and the warm treatment, all within the same budget, you realize it is worth hitting the two birds with the same stone.

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