Make Sure You Have The Correct Mexican Insurance and Documents For Your Trip To Mexico

March 24, 2014
Michael Ryan

a2 There are specific documents you need if you intend visiting Mexico. It is a good idea to ensure that these documents are in order before you try to cross the border. Inadequate documentation will simply lead to time wastage at the border and you do not want to start your holiday on a bad note. Apart from the usual identification documents, you will require a tourist permit, temporary vehicle import permit, and Mexican car insurance. If you are planning on traveling beyond the border buffer zone which covers an area of around 16 miles, you need to have a tourist permit for every adult in your party. These permits are normally issued by the Mexican Immigration department. You will also need to obtain a Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit which is issued by Mexican Customs.

There are certain areas in Mexico where these two types of permits are not necessary.

  • If you remain close to the border, about 16 miles or 25 kilometers
  • In the State of Baja California North. However, if you enter into Baja California South, you require a Tourist Permit when you enter the state, but you will not need a vehicle permit
  • When you travel to El Gulfo de Santa Clara, Sonora and cross at San Luis, Arizona
  • When you travel to Rocky Point, Sonora and cross at Lukeville, Arizona
  • If you are going to travel south from Nogales, through Sonora. In this case you have to remain north of Empalme

Tourist Permit

You may be able to obtain this permit on the Mexican side of the border. At certain location, the permits are obtained a short distance from the border, generally beyond the buffer zone. You will have to present proof of citizenship of each member of your party. You can use your passport for this purpose as you will need the passport to re-enter into the U.S. upon your return. You need to complete a short application form which should only take a couple of minutes for completion. These permits are normally issued for a period from one day to six months. This is dependent on the length of your visit. Once you receive the Tourist Permit, you have to pay the fee at a bank. Ensure that the bank teller puts a ‘paid’ stamp on your copy of the document.


Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit

This type of permit is required for each vehicle, including towed vehicles. The permits are issued for a period from one day to six months. You can obtain this permit on the same premises as your Tourist Permit.


Mexican Auto Insurance

If you intend traveling by road in Mexico, you will need to obtain Mexican car insurance. You may click here to get your policy. The insurance policy you have in the U.S. and Canada is not valid in Mexico. The minimum coverage you should obtain is limited liability. It is however recommended that you obtain comprehensive coverage in the event that you are involved in an accident. This will ensure that you have sufficient coverage for personal and third party damage. It is extremely easy to obtain Mexican vehicle insurance. It can be done online and the process is quick and simple.

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Flor Galvan

You should have all the legal documents before you make your journey to Mexico. It is vital to get Mexican auto insurance for your feasibility of ease of access.

Margorie Mendenhall

I always avoid Liability-only Mexico insurance cover whenever I go South. The frustration I underwent one time when my car got damaged in an accident down South taught me not to depend on Liability-only cover.

Pasty Schaeffer

If you ignore taking up Mexican insurance, you might land in jail. Yet, if you ignore drinking clean water, you might also land in a hospital ward. Take care.

Angeline Tyson

You would most likely be stopped at many military and police checkpoints in Mexico, but mostly due to drug reasons rather than Mexico Insurance. Make sure that you carry with you your identification documents. But, don’t forget to validly insure your car.

Delana Ashurst

If you hurt another driver, you’re likely to be arrested if you are not covered by Mexican insurance company. With a little amount, you’re getting protection in return.

Cornelia Foree

There are tons of Mexico’s artisan traditions. The only problem is, what’s the best souvenir to choose and how to really bring it home.

Danita Lemaire

Even if you’re a rookie, there’s no reason to get intimidated when traveling in Mexico. Driving with Mexican insurance will add more boost to your confidence.

Elise Balogh

In almost all major tourist locations, Mexican government keeps on working hard to give the highest level of safety to the people.

Shane Selby

Whether your trip takes you longer or shorter, obtaining Mexican auto insurance is a must before driving rightfully in Mexico.

Bennie Canales

Your Mexican car insurance shows proof of coverage. All you have to do is show it to the checkpoint personnel and you’re done with their scrutiny and inspection.

Debbi Gleason

It’s about security and safety measure that allows military checkpoints to be done when you drive. This, of course, is normal in the first place.

Haydee Rand

Heading to Ensenada is pretty easy driving your own car. One important document you need to carry is of course Mexico auto insurance.

Ruthe Waterman

Is Rocky Point safe if you come from Phoenix? Does anyone also need a passport before entering the place?

Linden Gray

Yes. In order to enter Mexico everyone now needs a passport. You also need a Mexico insurance policy because US coverage is invalid.

Erasmo Cowles

Do you love to travel? Try Mexico insurance. You can purposely drive with protection –for you and the rest of the people aboard your car.


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