A Mayan Palace In Mexico

January 15, 2015
Michael Ryan
Ruins at Palenque

Ruins at Palenque

The Royal Palace of Palenque is a great example of Mayan architecture in the state of Chiapas and is an interesting tourist attraction.  This area was the residence to the Palenque rulers from 250 to 600 AD.  The constructions which are visible in Palenque’s archaeological sites date back to the Late Classic era from 600 to 900 AD.  This period was during the rule of the famous king named Pakal the Great and his sons.

During the 7th century, the palace was extended by Pakal the Great when he added House E, a new throne room.  This involved the addition of crests and stone decorations to the classic Mayan architecture of rooms facing open patios and high thatch roofs.  The walls of the building were painted in bright colors and decorated with stucco motifs.

The Palenque Palace

The main entrance to the palace came from the northern and eastern side, which were both flanked by monumental stairways.  The various corridors, houses and the tower that form the elegant plans of the palace are arranged around central courtyards.  The largest court is the East Court, which is located on the northeast section of the palace.  This huge, open area was a perfect spot for important visitors and public events.  On the walls surrounding the court, there are images of captives who had been humiliated to indicate Pakal’s military achievements.

The throne room, House E, is viewed as the most important building inside the palace.  It is one of the few buildings which were painted white, rather than the typical ceremonial and royal red hue.  The center of this room holds the throne, which was a stone bench where the king sat with crossed legs.  This is the place where he would welcome nobles and dignitaries from other Mayan capitals.  Behind his throne, the Oval Palace Tablet, a stone carving depicting the ascension of Pakal as Palenque’s ruler in 615 AD and his coronation carried out by Lady Sak K’uk, his mother, can be viewed.



The king did not only use this as a residence, but it was also used as the political seat of the capital.

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