Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage For Canadians

April 07, 2014
Michael Ryan

The available options for Mexican car insurance are so vast that it is often easier to choose the first choice you find.  You should take the time to do thorough research into the available options for this type of insurance.  It will not only save you money, but a potential scrape with the authorities in Mexico.

The difference you experience between cities in Canada and cities in Mexico will hold your interest throughout your journey, but you also need to consider the difference in Mexican auto insurance before you leave home.  The conditions in the two countries may differ, but the driving risks are exactly the same.  In fact, the risks may be higher in Mexico because of your lack of knowledge and familiarity with the road system and the road laws.

Different Types of Insurance

There are many drivers who think that buying Mexican vehicle insurance is a mere formality.  Some of them ignore the booths that are at the border completely and many visitors to Mexico opt for the minimum level of coverage they can find.  Although this low coverage may be a cheaper option, it is also the one most fraught with problems.  You should do advance research on Mexican car insurance, bearing in mind the type of coverage and the amount you feel comfortable with.  You may only be going to Mexico for a week or two, but you should consider the implications of being involved in a serious vehicle accident while you are there.

The purchase of liability only insurance may be a cheaper option and satisfies the legal obligations you have in Mexico.  However, insufficient coverage could leave you with huge financial burdens if you are involved in an accident, particularly if it is fatal.
The different Mexican states have different death benefit amounts when one of their citizens is killed during a car accident.  This makes it imperative that you check on the death benefit amounts in the state you intend visiting.  If you intend traveling through several states, you should consider choosing the highest limit you can find.

Liability only insurance will not cover any injuries or losses to property you experience.  The only exception to this rule is if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.  In this case your Mexican auto insurance policy may offer you coverage for your personal medical costs and those of the passengers in your vehicle.

If you opt for full coverage, you will have coverage to have your vehicle repaired in a location of your choice.  You will have the option to have the repairs done in Mexico, Canada or the US.  You should consider adding theft cover to your policy as this may be useful if you visit certain regions in the country.  It is recommended that you include coverage for vandalism and partial theft if you intend visiting an area where these are common problems.

Since it is a legal obligation to have Mexican car insurance if you visit Mexico, you should consider buying the most beneficial option for your personal needs.The easiest way is to buy your car insurance online via this URL.  Treat it in the same manner as you would your normal home country auto insurance.

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Margorie Eason

If you like driving and don’t want to miss Mexican beauty and nature its best to travel through by road, Mexican insurance for Canadians now guides you with the best coverage in very economical rates.

Tawnya Willett

If you’re good at negotiations you can smoothly carry out your way into Mexican trade markets and get to purchase high quality products in a reasonable price. This tactic can also be useful for applying Mexican auto insurance as well.

Retta Finley

Your car being insured only covers your accident liability but doesn’t prevent you from getting an accident. Thus, don’t throw caution to the wind. Be careful, your life matters most.

Nathan Meadow

Almost everything is accessible online, including Mexico insurance. It saves time, money and effort. This is the comfort of the modern time and technology. You know you can be insured in minutes.

Tisha Schilling

Baja culinary fest is really remarkable. You can’t get enough in the place. There’s culinary offering which is one-of-a-kind. So absolutely, it’s fun staying long in Mexico.

Colleen Gearhart

The law in Mexico mandates that licensed car insurance providers are the only ones recognized by Mexico. One of these is this website, Mexican Insurance Store.

Tarah Lavalle

Most Mexican agencies offer tourist circuits to travelers. Driving with friends and family members allow you to see Mexico remote areas.

Anna Biles

Discuss your Mexico insurance coverage with your rental agency if you’re using a rented car going to Mexico to make sure you got the appropriate coverage.

Bettyann Plumlee

Although some modern tech cars have built-in directional services, your smartphone is still indispensable to call Mexico insurance customer service.

Elda Riggan

Playa is the right place to be if you wish to relax and swim. The right place also if you want to dance and drink at clubs till dawn.

Eilene Atkinson

I’m very much interested to travel to Mexico and witness Ensenada Carnaval.

Carolyne Burkholder

Mexican insurance coverage is very important. Anyone can expect some legal help. Right! This insurance is good enough to support you in case of adverse circumstances.

Vance Barfield

Ensenada is truly amazing. You’ve got to experience perfect climate the entire year. It’s bounded by great mountains which also give perfect scenery.


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