Mexican Auto Insurance from Border Entry to Exit

February 02, 2014
Michael Ryan

From entry to exit, your experience in Mexico can be exciting and memorable. Preparation begins with the right Mexican auto insurance  Your adventure begins at the border crossing. Buying Mexico insurance at is easy, genuine, and affordable. You can skip any time-consuming stops before your entry into the country by purchasing online.

Driving Into Mexico

What to Expect When You Enter Mexico

At the border crossing, you may experience a brief stop by officials. While tourists tend to experience fewer stops, it’s not uncommon for larger trailers or RVs to be flagged over for inspection and questioning. Be respectful if you are signaled by a red light at the crossing. If you get a green light, however, you are free to proceed.

You can pick up your FMT, a tourist permit, just beyond the border crossing. You will need to watch for signs or ask an official. While you may not want to be bothered with this detail, it’s important to realize that legally, all visitors traveling beyond the border zone are expected to carry this permit. You may never have to show it, but if you are in an accident, not having your permit could add to your legal troubles. Fortunately, Mexican auto insurance from Mex Insurance includes legal representation.

What to Expect When You Leave Mexico

As you prepare to exit the country, you may find that traffic can be a little chaotic. On typical weekdays, this isn’t as severe. You will find that most motorists in line at the border are locals who commute across the border to work. Weekend afternoon traffic is more commonly composed of tourist vehicles, and conditions can be stressful. You need to be sure that when you buy your Mexican insurance  that your policy will be effective through your last moments in Mexico. You don’t want to be involved in an accident on the Mexican side of the border only to find that your Mexican vehicle insurance has expired.

At the border, you will need to be prepared to show your passport to the official at the booth. You may be asked a few questions about the nature of your trip and your destination. You may also need to declare any purchased items that you are bringing back with you.
Did you know? Mexican auto insurance from Mex Insurance comes with Free Roadside Assistance

Mexican auto insurance from Mex Insurance

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Charlene Merlino

The next time I am in Mexico, it will be the first time for me to try the skydiving activity. The last time I was there, I was with a friend and he did all the driving. This time I will be driving my own car. For sure, I’ll get the Mexican auto insurance.

Marisha Disandro

Right now I am kind of addicted to buy cotton dresses. Plaza Bocanegra is the perfect place for me to find them. I only need to inspect my car and get it covered under Mexican insurance before I leave for Mexico.

Thu Aubin

Blue and red corns have never crossed my mind before, as I didn’t expect them to exist. I was amazed the first time I saw these corns in red and blue. They tasted heavenly too. Thanks to Mexican insurance, I got to roam through towns after towns searching for these corns.

Sharell Bolger

The most important thing to keep in mind is that both long-term and short term Mexican insurance policies have their pros and cons. So it is up to you to decide which covers your needs best.

Shelton Yadon

Auto insurance limits tend to vary depending on the Mexican state(s) you are visiting. As a result take good time to check that the policy you are interested in is capable of covering for all your needs.

Mandy Judon

I heard that the U.S. and Canadian medical insurance is not valid in Mexico. When I buy the Mexican auto insurance I am planning to buy the Mexican medical insurance as well.

Johnson Nakano

I am on a vacation in San Cristobal de Las Casas is El Chiflon Cascade. The tall waterfall looks so mesmerizingly beautiful. You’re right about not wanting to go back home once you’re there. If I don’t have to report on duty first thing on Monday morning, I would have extended my Mexican auto insurance and stay for a full month.

Caterina Mccool

Many have believed, to their own disadvantage, that it is safer to buy insurance cover face-to-face with the seller. I too used to have such a belief until I was conned at the Mexican border point. From then, I gained confidence to try buying it online. I have since travelled south on three occasions without an incident. Online Mexico insurance cover is the best.

Coy Lindbloom

Driving without Mexican insurance is like putting yourself and others into pitfalls — anything bad can happen because there’s no means of security.

Davis Ducote

Mexico is a great place to visit during autumn. Head south for an adventure but before you do that, get hold of Mexican insurance.

Collene Kitzman

Most of tourists really take the risks by wanting to taste local sweets and eating new foods they haven’t tried. While it’s curious to do it, certain limitations must be observed.

Lisbeth Leonhardt

Car accidents without Mexican auto insurance would mean going to jail. Make sure you have coverage while traveling to Rocky Point.

Precious Cao

Drive without Mexican insurance for cars and you could be in big trouble. The way to drive peacefully is to have the right car insurance in Mexico.

Sarina Cadden

Want to spend days in Ensenada? First, you need to have your own Mexican insurance to drive legally. You’ll also have peace of mind while driving.

Mae Martensen

Aside from being more comfortable, GPS goes along with your driving security on the road. No other thing can give you greater peace of mind—in addition to Mexican insurance protection.


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