Mexican Car Insurance Tops the Travel Checklist For Travel From California To Mexico

March 24, 2014
Michael Ryan

If your travel plans include driving from California or Arizona to Mexico, you should ensure that you are well prepared for your journey.  Most locals know exactly how to get over the border efficiently and safely, but there are so many tourists who get stuck at the border.  This is because they have to purchase Mexican car insurance and vehicle permits before they are allowed to cross the border legally.


There are several points you have to consider to make your trip to Mexico a happy and relaxing one.

Mexican Auto Insurance

The Mexican government does not recognize American auto insurance.  This makes it vital for motorists traveling from America to Mexico to buy Mexican vehicle insurance.  It is possible for you to buy a comprehensive policy as you would in the U.S., or you can opt for one that offers you minimum liability.

Depending on the length of your trip, you may want to consider adding additional benefits, rather than choosing a basic policy.  The longer you travel on the road, the higher your chances are of being involved in an accident.

The policies on offer can be short or long-term.  This is dependent on the length of the trip you are going on. If you still do not have Mexican auto insurance you  can get it online by clicking here.

Vehicle Permit

If your intention is to drive onto the mainland, you will be required to obtain a vehicle permit.  This is not necessary if you are simply going into Senora or Baja.

Ownership Proof

If you intend towing an ATV or motorcycle behind your vehicle, you need to show ownership documents before you will be allowed to take it across the border.  It is a good idea to carry your vehicle ownership and state registration documents with you.  If you are going to using a rented vehicle, you need to obtain permission from the rental company to take the vehicle across the border.



The laws were changed during 2007 and you now require a passport to be allowed back into the U.S. when you return from Mexico.  This applies to Canada as well.

Cell Phone

A cell phone is a necessity in cases of an emergency.  Call charges to international numbers are often quite expensive, so it may suit you better to obtain a SIM card for the trip or buy a prepaid phone for your purposes.  This will prevent you from spending a lot of money of calls back home and getting a huge shock when you receive your bill.

Emergency Kits

You should carry an emergency kit with you, regardless of where you intend traveling.  It is more important to carry this kit with you if you have made plans to travel an unfamiliar route or in the desert.  The kit you take with you should include a charger for your cell phone, blankets, non-perishable foods, water, a flashlight and a full first aid kit.

If you are going to travel to Mexico by road, you should ensure that you are fully prepared for any emergency.  Although your emergency kit is an important part of your journey, so is your Mexican car insurance as you could end up in jail if you do not have suitable coverage and you are involved in an accident.

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Lashandra Krebs

You cannot use Mexican auto insurance cover in US and neither can you use US car insurance cover in Mexico. Each country has different set of laws and policies regarding insurance.

Manual Pape

I used to buy my Mexican auto cover at the border point not until one of my friends informed me of Mexican Insurance Since then, my car insurance needs are always a click away in the comfort of my home.

Mora Levine

The best way to avoid risks is to cover them. Though driving from US to Mexico is more ideal than using airplane especially if you are not going to far-off areas, don’t take it as simple as driving in US. You are going to a foreign land and thus, in addition to your valid car insurance, you need to carry your passport.

Venessa Sammons

From my house, I never take long to drive down to Ensenada for my team’s surfing completion. Buying Mexican auto insurance online always makes my drive down South cheaper and convenient.

Shanae Crutchfield

With Mexican insurance, you can go and travel to lots of places in Mexico. If you’re careful enough, you’ll enjoy backpacking just like in any part of the globe.

Jaime Mom

Indeed, there’s enough live fun, entertainment and music when you get to San Felipe. Can’t wait to witness the great shrimp festival!

Corrina Mollica

You should bring in photocopies of the required documents to show to Mexican embassy, before allowing you to enter the border of Mexico.

Felicita Masson

Buying the car of your dream is possible with the help of a loan which isn’t worrying on your pocket. After buying, hitting the road with Mexican insurance starts your journey.

Jule Buss

Familiarize yourself across the border of Mexico. Obviously, some required documents and Mexican insurance are important to bring in your trip.

Margaret Siegal

Heavy traffic is everywhere and Mexico is a pedestrian-friendly in various neighborhoods. Just make sure when you drive, your Mexican insurance is available inside your car.

Usha Tarango

In any part of Rocky Point, you can see natural reserves, try hunting, try mountain climbing or probably play sand boarding. The fun seems so endless!

Twyla Pedersen

Make sure you have Mexican auto insurance when heading to Mexico. Month of October means butterfly migration in Mexico. Yeah, there are tons of them in Michoacán.

Mervin Dunlap

Regular car checkup is important; it ensures that car tends to run in good condition. Failure to do so may end up getting into trouble.

Deandra Quin

You come from California? It’s much easier to go to Ensenada for a great vacation and fun than driving your car to Vegas.


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