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September 05, 2014
Michael Ryan


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If you travel within the US and Canada, you need to obtain RV insurance.  If you travel in Mexico, you definitely need Mexican insurance to cover you for damages to your vehicle and other’s property.  Many people who intend using a RV in Mexico tend to ignore this type of insurance, as they are unaware that it is required by law in Mexico.

RV insurance is no different to traditional auto insurance.  In Mexico, it is law that you obtain auto insurance.  This is regardless of you having auto insurance in Canada or the US.  Your normal insurance policy will not offer you coverage in Mexico if you are involved in an accident.  There are many features related to RV insurance that you will not have to consider if you are simply making use of a normal car in Mexico.

Mexican RV Insurance Coverage

You will be covered for total loss replacement.  If you are involved in a serious accident whilst travelling in your RV, you will be covered for the full value of your vehicle.  Most insurance companies will offer you the full blue book value of your vehicle.

You will obtain cover for emergency expenses.  If your RV is unusable and you cannot live in it, you will be reimbursed for your accommodation costs and alternative transport.

In the event that you sustain injury during your stay at a campsite, you will be reimbursed for all costs involved.  This differs from normal Mexican auto insurance as RBs are designed for use at campsites.  You will have coverage for fire damage or possible animal attacks whilst at the campsite.

If you require roadside assistance or a towing service, this will be made available to you.  You will be provided with unlimited mileage as regards the towing service.  The cover offers you the opportunity to obtain assistance from RV experts, rather than from regular vehicle mechanics.  This is offered as your RV requires specialist care.  Most Mexican insurance providers should provide you with a toll-free, 24-hour emergency number in the event that you require assistance.  This ensures that you are not required to pay up-front for all these costs. You may purchase your Mexican RV insurance from this link.

Mexican Travel

 RV Insurance Claims

In the event of a claim, you will work with specially trained staff members who are experienced in working with RV claims.

If you have RV insurance coverage in Canada or the US, you should confirm with your provider that the vehicle is covered for damages whilst travelling in Mexico.  You would be best advised to obtain special Mexican RV insurance as this will offer you peace of mind while you are on vacation.

RV travel is a convenient means of enjoying a vacation in another country.  You do not have the need to find accommodation as you can stay in the same area where you drive.  The main aspect of travelling by RV in Mexico is to ensure that you have suitable Mexican insurance.

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Nichelle Espinal

I’ve experienced the boredom of parking your car just to line up for an Mexican insurance at the Mexican border. From the day I learned that I could easily get Mexico insurance online. I’ve never looked back to the queue.

Kisha Seitz

Queuing at the border point just to get insurance coverage is never one of my considerations. Thanks to online Mexican insurance, I always have a smooth drive into Mexico just like a native would do.

Venita Pacheco

I used to encounter difficulties getting the best provider for my Mexico insurance and getting the best price. Mexican insurance store becomes the best insurance for me.

Daniela Dove

Automobile accidents that happen in Mexico are subject to their law. Now that I have my policy and Mexican insurance, I’m confident I meet the law requirements of Mexico.

Kasey Troy

I chose the Mexican Insurance Store because it’s a provider that gave me affordability and safety. I can trust it because my spouse got his claim paid fast. It’s the right insurance and in my book highly reliable.

Stewart Satter

First time to see Mexico? Well, there can be certain foods that aren’t acceptable to your digestive system. Expect it to happen, though. Be ready for food safety measures.

Lucina Eicher

It is wise to purchase Mexican insurance beforehand. It saves time and money if you get covered by purchasing a policy online.

Kathern Tapscott

If it is a private camp site, it’s advisable to ask consent of the one in charge of the place. Mexico camping can take advanced planning for this.

Genny Mcfarland

If you have an accident and your car isn’t insured with Mexican insurance, leaving Mexico can be impossible — until you settle the problem. Your option can be to pay the damages from your own pocket or sit in jail until the bill is paid.

Linden Gray

Napoleonic Law means guilty til proven innocent. Proper Mexico insurance liability limits keep you from being detained.

Siu Proffit

If you are a frequent traveler to Mexico, chances are you always feel troubled that something might happen while driving. With that, reliable providers can help you pick the right Mexico car insurance policy that’s most appropriate for all your journeys.


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