Mexico – An Exciting Tourist Destination

December 30, 2014
Michael Ryan
Aztec Ruins in Mexico

Aztec Ruins in Mexico

As far as the statistic of International tourist arrivals in the Americas is concerned, the numbers in Mexico fall only second to the US. At least going by the 2013 records, countries like Canada, Argentina, Brazil and others, fall well below Mexico. That is according to World tourist rankings. Looking at 2013 visitors at a global level, Mexico did well than Greece, South Korea, Japan, India, and many other countries that have a ‘safe’ label.

Could the more than 23 million international tourists who visited Mexico have been all ignorant about Mexico’s state of security? Very unlikely – such numbers actually serve as a vote of confidence in Mexico as a tourist destination. In fact, according to the Prominix report, the US has assault cases five times as many as those of Mexico.

Other factors that underline Mexico’s normal state of affairs

Many Canadians and citizens of the US who seek facts in statistics realize that Mexico is as good and as bad as any other country. So they usually just log online in search of a car rental company, ready to organize their next holiday. They even hunt their Mexican insurers online to speed up the search.

Here are a few comparisons:

  • While English is the main language of communication in the US, Spanish is the language of Mexico. However, while literacy level in the US is 99%, in Mexico it is 86.1% – not a world of difference.
  • While life expectancy in the US is 78.5yrs, in Mexico it is 76.9yrs; again not a significant difference.
  • When it comes to sins of obesity, Mexico’s go up to 32.1% whereas for the US goes up to 33%.

What these statistics show is that there is nothing so much out of the normal as far as Mexico is concerned. And so, all you need to do when you are thinking of visiting Mexico, is learn the requirements of the law and do what is necessary. Above that, consider the obvious facts, like appreciating that you cannot make long distance travel in a junk of a car and so you get yourself a good car for your trip.

Cancun Beach

The Beach and Buildings of Cancun

Here are some things that will whet your appetite for a Mexican holiday:

  • The country has a whole 23,657 kilometers of beautiful coastline
  • It has warm beaches with soft sand and its resorts are of international standard
  • It has friendly, welcoming people
  • It has rich historical sites, some of which have been well preserved under UNESCO
  • Mexico rates high internationally as far as medical services are concerned; high quality medical care at affordable rates. So, you need not worry about traveling when you are managing a medical condition.
  • There are professional travel agents in the US and Canada that can organize your travel to Mexico and give you the assurance you need about specific places of interest; like the beaches of Cancun, Acapulco, Baja region and other areas.
  • There are car rental companies with reliable vehicles, in the US, who let you drive their car into Mexico at a fee.

Do Not Forget Your Mexican Auto Insurance

If you are planning to visit Mexico by car it is important that you purchase Mexican auto insurance before you start your journey.  It is illegal to drive on the roads in Mexico, without valid Mexican auto insurance. Your auto insurance from Canada or the United States are not valid in Mexico.Mexican insurance can be bought online, at the border or from an insurance broker. You can click here to purchase your Mexican auto insurance.

There are also insurance agents in the US who sell Mexican auto insurance to anyone traveling to Mexico. Such agents monitor the legal changes, so that they sell you the right size of policy. As at now, Mexico demands that anyone driving in the country should have Mexican car insurance that is equal to, or more than, $300,000.

Generally speaking, you need not do anything more while travelling in Mexico than you would do in any US city you are visiting for the first time. For instance, it would be unwise to walk in a dark alley in any city anywhere in the world. It would be even worse, as a visitor, to risk breaking the law. In short, if you are a law abiding visitor who is alive to the reality of human behavior in general, you will love Mexico and make return trips after your first one.

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Kathline Frierson

My dog and cat were extremely happy when I brought them together to Mexico. I wasn’t traveling alone although my loved ones were not with me. My pets were enough to accompany me in my driving. We enjoyed traveling around. Make sure you have Mexican insurance for your car so that you enjoy peace of mind as you drive.

Lajuana Burgos

With a small cost of Mexican insurance, it is meaningless to drive to Baja, Mexico without insuring my car. I can get better claim by just paying less with my insurance. Definitely, this is advantageous to me.

Herta Linton

Road hazards are everywhere. Even the one that seems safe is not safe at all. However, it helps knowing some driving tips. Since the time I discovered them, I haven’t been in an accident. So thankful to Mexican Insurance Store! I was given driving tips and advice when I read their FAQ.

Toi Allman

Being a tourist to Mexico, I must be careful in what I do, and this involves my driving. Every time I visit the city, I feel secured by my Mexican insurance. It may not save me from the hazards on the highways, but I am happy I can drive confidently.

Kit Crump

Having a family vacation? You will love it, surely need it and crave for it. Simplify the complicated preparation by first buying your Mexico insurance.

Alecia Desanto

You can’t measure the natural beauty of Mexico with all its great splendour and irresistible attraction. Every destination is worth visiting.

Bridgette Matthews

Sun is super-hot in Mexico and it therefore requires wearing protective glasses and using sunscreen – even though you’re not on the beach.

Donna Rotondo

Driving without Mexican insurance is tantamount to taking the risk of being caught and being put to jail. It isn’t nice ending up in a jail just because you’re not insured.

Linden Gray

Mexican Insurance Store passes the savings on to you. You don’t pay for the real estate.

Kia Benoit

Going to different beaches is the journey of most tourists and travelers. Real quick they can hit the road and reach four to five beautiful beaches in Mexico.

Leatrice Randolph

If you just check the different coverage and features of Mexico insurance, you should get the right car insurance for your car and for yourself.

Concetta Gillogly

Make sure you make the most of every minute you stay in Cancun by having the appropriate accommodation in the right location.

Houston Schoenfeld

Always remember to bring your own passport as well as Mexico auto insurance coverage with you each time you drive your car to Mexico.

Hosea Mclean

After summer vacations years ago, I had great expectations. I had many meaningful vacations, including driving to different locations. Yes, and I bought car insurance for Mexico coverage.

Hiroko Greek

The soothing effect of beach is enough to reduce the stress of a person. Having your feet stand on the hot sand helps combat the feelings of worries and anxieties.


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